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Neelima Dalmia Adha Tells Us Why Gandhi-Husband Deserves A Reproach

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  •  October 2, 2019

Mahatma Gandhi, the man who brazenly fought the war of freedom, a man who struggled for the sake of his countrymen. What we consistently forget is that he was a husband and a father too – better than he was a freedom fighter? Sadly, no.

Every great man has lived battling controversies throughout and even his death isn’t enough to quell them. And an apt example would be the life of everyone’s beloved Bapu as we stumbled upon ‘the Voice of Kasturba’ during our wandering at JLF 2017. Well, we had grown up, hearing about the noble acts of the great Mahatma, time to know a little something about the woman who followed him through thick and thin.

‘The Secret Diary of Kasturba’ by Neelima Dalmia Adhar is an attempt by the author to bring forward the troubled days Kasturba lived under Gandhi’s watchful eye. ““I hate the father-Gandhi, and I hate the husband-Gandhi. Married at the age of 12 to a wealthier woman, Gandhi was a jealous, possessive man who continually doubted his wife and as a result of which took a unilateral vow of celibacy, she said to IWB. This emotional atyachaar contradicts his spiritual message of nonviolence. The pick of the lot was his odious experiments with his sexuality.”

Getting married at the age of twelve is not something we called a ‘responsible age.’ While disregard of his husbandly-duties in those times can be attributed to his childish mentality, the same later in his life presents itself as a blatant ignorance of a woman who stayed with him throughout his lifetime.

Neelima did acknowledge the enormity of the work Gandhi did as a freedom-fighter as she praised his intellect which would have crowned him as the CEO of a huge enterprise, has he been alive today. He motivated women from the most conservative families to fight for their rights and persevere.

He may have been one grand personality that India can thank their lucky stars for, but Neelima remarks upon his experiments where he would lie next to naked women to test his vow of celibacy, which dangerously demeans the man India finds as an inspiration.

“Shashi Tharoor once said to me that I have given Kasturba an Aadhaar card,” she added.

While we are sure that Kasturba of the past wouldn’t have dared to utter something which would have been considered a blasphemy at those times, we can’t help but wonder, was the man who set his country free, unable to break the shackles of his own thinking?

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