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Need To Develop Leadership Amongst The Women In The Unorganised Sector Workers: NIRMANA

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  •  April 12, 2019

“Central government funding share to National Creche Scheme has been reduced from 90% to 60% with effect from 2017. As a result, the number of creches has come down drastically from 23000 to 7000.”

These concern-worthy figures were shared by NIRMANA in an interactive Twitter chat with IWB. NIRMANA is an organization that works with construction workers to help them get their basic entitlements such as health care, children’s education, legal aid, and pension. In our chat, we talk about the migrant women population on construction sites, unsafe work environment and the urgent need for crèche facilities at the worksites.



On the BJP Manifesto’s claims to increase crèche facilities for the unorganized sector 

NIRMANA on Twitter

BJPManifesto talks about extending Ayushman Bharat to Anganwadi Workers and Asha Workers. This is mentioned under the category of ‘Women Empowerment’. Ayushman still does not full budgetary allocation. So how will it work is not clear @indianwomenblog


On why there hasn’t been more push for mobile crèches

NIRMANA on Twitter

Central govt funding share to National Creche Scheme has been reduced from 90% to 60% with effect from 2017. As a result, number of creches has come down drastically from 23000 to7000 @indianwomenblog

On ensuring that builders or contractors take required action for the safety and health of the workers

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On the amendments required in the prevailing laws to make mobile crèches, safety, and health of women workers in the unorganized sector a mandatory non-negotiable item

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry As per Building and other Construction Act, construction establishments need to be registered, but this is not done in many cases, Labour inspectors are more interested to make a quick buck and hence rules are flouted.

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry Mere amendments will not help since laws are not implemented properly. We should try for greater awareness and ensure minimum wages for unorganised women workers.

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On what sets the women workforce in the construction industry work peculiarities and needs apart from other women workers in the unorganized sector

NIRMANA on Twitter

Currently, minimum wages are not being given to Anganwadi workers. They get only honorarium which is very less. Recently, most went on a strike Hence, most anganwadis are not manned the whole day. Most are not fully qualified as well @indianwomenblog

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry Employers in the construction industry, shift women workers before they complete 90 days work. This duration is essential to get the registered in the BOCW Welfare board to get benefits. Hence, worker are deprived of their benefits under this act.


On protecting these women from exploitation

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry By compulsory registration of establishment and inspection on ground. Ground level inspection can be undertaken during social audit rather than labour inspector who can be bribed. .

On changing the mindset of builders and making them an ally for mobile creches

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry Yes, this is doable. In fact they are an important stakeholder. During the initial phase of the Construction Worker law, builder associations played a positive role. They could use their CSR funds for the greater good of the society.

On why builders have stepped away from this responsibility – especially since it started on a positive note

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry Probably, it is due to greed to make more profit. In additional electoral politics today only aids corruption at the cost of workers who are denied their rights. Governments today are in general anti-labour.

On breaking through the red-tape of politicians and bureaucrats, whose involvement is needed at every step

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry This is very much possible by collectivising people and build pressure. Campaigns and Awareness of Women workers is the key. Networking amongst organisation is also important.

On their modus operandi for empowering women to be better negotiators for equal rights in the unorganized sector

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry We need to develop leadership amongst the women in the uorganised sector workers. NGOs could play a positive part in this. In addition, Awareness Campaigns wold help. Consensus between all stakeholders and existing institutional bodies is needed.

On a specific model that they can work on within the unorganized sector

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry We believe that a tripartite board model would help in providing social security and regulation of employment for unorganised sector workers. This model has been tried out successfully for the construction workers. We believe that such boards could be replicated in other sect.

On construction sites being a birthing place for future child labor

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry Unfortunately, governments today have been anti-labour. Probably in the name of ‘ease of doing business’ . Central government even planned to bring in ill conceived labour codes to replace numerous labour welfare legislations passed will much struggle.

On their vision for mobile crèches

NIRMANA on Twitter

@indianwomenblog @MinistryWCD @HRDMinistry Child care is an integral part of Social Security. It is ultimately the responsibly of all stakeholders to ensure this. Our organisation, NIRMANA, envisions an inclusive India where all unorganised sector workers are able to achieve social security and dignified livelihoods.

Taking a step towards erasing that bleak image, IWB has filed a petition to the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Prime Minister’s Office, which addresses the need of installing Mobile Crèches for children at the worksites.

Sign the petition here.

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