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All you need to know about Walk 2015 before flagging off

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  •  March 7, 2015


Today was the press launch of the Mentoring Walk 2015 where Director of the Arch Academy Archana Surana hosted many women and media people at Tapri – The tea house. Jaipur city is among the 73 cities of 55 countries that conduct the Global Mentoring Walk through its international Flag Bearers, who are part of the Vital Voices Network of Women Leaders.

Vital Voices’ Mentoring Walk every year lets women from various professional fields bond with one another, and women-achievers guide those who need support before stepping into any career. This year, we will witness as many as 25+ pairs walking together.

Bibi Russel will walk as the Guest of Honor

Bibi Russell will walk as the Guest of Honor

Tomorrow on Women’s Day, JWB and Jaipur Women will march the Mentoring Walk in Central Park. Bangladeshi Fashion Designer Bibi Russell who is also the UN & UNESCO Brand Ambassador on ‘Fashion for Development’ will join the Mentoring Walk. She is the Guest of Honor.

Princess Diya Kumari launches the Global Mentoring Walk Poster

Princess Diya Kumari launches the Global Mentoring Walk Poster

Making it further special, a special congratulating message from Jaipur’s Princess Diya Kumari, Member Legislative Assembly, will also be read before commencing the event. Also Mara Gordon, a regular member of the International Mentoring Walks, will also join Jaipur’s walk to encourage the participants.

Archana Surana

Archana Surana

In a little tête-à-tête, Archana Surana has sent few messages for every Jaipur woman who is going to be a part of the event physically and in spirits. Read excerpts:

“Mentoring was an alien concept for Jaipur till few years back. It took people time to accept and fully understand the importance of taking guidance from an experienced person. We can develop a powerful persona of self and our work if we take lessons from others’ mistakes and learn from their success stories.”

“Every person faces challenges, especially women of our country. We are a traditional state, and women here face problems in everything, be it education, marriage, health, etc. This woman can be a student confused about next educational move or a housewife who wants to start up a new business. Mentoring Walk is just focusing on such women who search for some kind of support.”

Mentors at the Press Conference

Mentors at the Press Conference

“While pairing the mentors and mentees, we figured out that the mentees are still not clear about their short and long term goals. Do you understand what does that mean? The younger generation, in most of the cases, has no clue about their right career choices. It was shocking. We‘re trying to bring upon a small yet powerful change.”

“Last year we helped 5 girls of Chippa Prints & Crafts to set their mission straight. Today they are doing brilliantly in their work and are also joining us for the Mentoring Walk to share their inspirational story.”

“Mentoring Walk has another important operation – to remove the stigma from our society that only men are efficient and can make great careers. This walk enables women to explore and identify their key area they are good at. With full support of the mentor even after the event, the mentees are able to carve a path they have been dreaming about. Women have the potential, it is just that they haven’t been provided with good platforms. Mentoring Walk is one such platform.”

“If you are walking tomorrow at Mentoring Walk, please keep this in mind. Mentors, you must be a good listener, and with patience must hear what the mentee wants to express. While guiding your mentee, try to grab the good things in her and appreciate her for the same.

The Mentees must come with an open mind to grab each word your mentor tells you. You may disagree, but make sure to present a valid point in return. Leave aside the filter of your mind, and let everything enter your brain, so that you can work on it this whole year.”

“If you want to be a part of Vital Voices international Mentoring Walk, you can apply for fellowship online. Also, you can qualify to be a part of their team if you have really done wonders with the life of your mentee.”

Be a part of the Mentoring Walk with us tomorrow as we bring you the latest news straight from the battle ground!

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