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You need 8 people for success. Read who they are

  • IWB Post
  •  March 20, 2015


In search for something interesting this Corporate Friday, we’ve stumbled upon a very curious article today that says that one needs a whole 8 people to achieve success in career. And this is a very wise piece of advice. Check yourself: 

  1. The visionary, who sees the opportunity in every obstacle. (The Muse)
  2. The outsider, who can give you fresh perspective from a different industry.(Huffington Post)
  3. The sponsor, who can influence your manager on your behalf. (Be Leaderly)
  4. The older sibling, who can answer the less-serious questions you don’t want to ask your mentor. (The Muse)
  5. The competitor, who can force you out of your comfort zone(U.S. News)
  6. The dormant connection, who can introduce you to a whole new group once you reconnect. (Inc.)
  7. The librarian, who can show you resources you had no idea existed. (Fast Company)
  8. The thought leader, who can make you think a little differently(The Muse)

Do you have such 8 people? JWB team has found them in the face of our readers!


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