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National Level Shooter Sells Noodles To Survive

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  •  December 7, 2015


India is popular for its rich love for sports worldwide. It is pity how most sportsmen are living, though. National-level shooter Pushpa Gupta had to leave the sport, as it was expensive to pursue.

Lack of funds, being a major problem for her, forced her to choose between breadwinning and pursuing the career of her choice. It was then, that her only choice was to support her family. It is heartbreaking to see how she hangs her medals on the roadside eatery that she runs.

“I had joined a college in 2013 and it was there that I discovered that I have skills in shooting. I joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and it supported me financially. I represented Gujarat in the sport as well. Then I started getting interested in the sport,” Pushpa Gupta told ANI.


“After support from the NCC ended, my father told me to discontinue the sport and start some business in order to earn the living. Since then we have been selling noodles on this lorry and now it has over been one year,” she added.

Her father, Dinesh Kumar Gupta, said that the Prime Minister always talked about women empowerment, but as far as he is concerned, he thinks it’s all only on the papers.

“Presently, we have a woman MP in the area we are living in. The Chief Minister of the state is also a woman. If we would have received anything from the sports authority or from the government, then she would not be selling noodles on the streets and would have brought honour for the nation in the field of sports,” he added.

He hopes to see his daughter internationally competing one day, but right now, the dream seems far away.


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