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Nashra Balgamwala Has Turned Arranged Marriages And Rishta Aunties Into A Board Game

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  •  April 14, 2018

“Or Sharmaji, when are you getting your daughter married?” These aunties and their senseless desire of getting every girl their eyes land on married. Oh, how we detest her presence as she trots in with her bag full of pictures of eligible bachelors- a walking-talking unwanted matrimonial website. Depressing, right? But how about adding fun to the topic of arranged marriages?

Sounds impossible, eh? But a Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Nashra Balgamwala in Karachi, has actually turned this horror chase of aunties after us ladies into a unique and satirical game. Known as a game nerd, Nashra often reconstructs controversial yet sensitive cultural topics into such games, like she did with her creation ‘Arranged!’

The board game consists of three teenage girls dodging and avoiding the Rishta aunty by engaging in various activities that are seen as disgraceful in our culture  like “talking about having a career”, “gaining weight” or “being seen in the mall with boys.”

The twist in the game is when the Golden Boy (a green-eyed CEO often with a Greencard) enters and the girls start chasing the aunty in hopes of getting married to him. They start flaunting talents, which fall in the criteria of being an ‘ideal housewife’ as only one of them gets married to the Golden Boy.

Well, Nashra is not only targeting the process of arranged marriages in a satirical manner but has also helped small businesses in Pakistan, as the entire game was printed and manufactured there. She has also decided that when the project reaches $9,000 on Kickstarter a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to girls’ education in Pakistan.

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