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Apeksha Bagchi

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Namilia Debuted In New York Fashion Week Show With An Ode To The Female Identity

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  •  September 12, 2017


Fashion has forever been cited as the one to be blamed for all the body shaming women have to go through. To fight that very stigma, a barrage of dresses inspired by female genitalia took over the runway in a New York Fashion Week. The collection by Namilia was titled as, “My Pussy, My Choice.”

On Saturday night, the Berlin-based brand sent models down the catwalk in little-bejeweled vaginas adorning a brocade hoop skirt; suggestive pink folds on balloon sleeves and feather-tinged fabric vulvas.

Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, the duo behind Namilia, managed to integrate lady bits shapes into the geometry of their outfits, such as the opening of a blazer, or a pair of puff sleeves. They were inspired for their collection by The Indiscreet Jewels, Denis Diderot’s first novel, published anonymously in 1748 wherein the French philosopher uses an allegory to tell the story of King Louis XV of France, who in Diderot’s novel owns a ring that can make women’s private parts “spill their amorous secrets.”

The models strutted along to the medley of Disney tunes like ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and “Someday My Prince Will Come.”


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