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NAMASTE, JAIPUR WOMEN BLOG: exclusive interview with Ila Arun

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  •  March 31, 2014

Ila Arun is one the most precious jewels which the culturally rich soil of Rajasthan has given us to admire. She is an actress with numerous TV shows and movies to her fame. A singer par excellence with her earthy voice, which has an impeccable mark on the listeners with songs like “Choli ke peeche” from movie Khalnayak, “Mornibaga ma bole” from Lamhe, with her chart-bursting albums, like ‘Vote for Ghagra’, ‘Banjaran’, ‘Maharehiwdamein’, with the hymn ‘HallaBol’ – the song of Rajasthan Royal team in IPL, with her latest hit with Legendary A.R.Rahmaan from the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Ila Arun has the heart connection and attachment to Jaipur and Ravindra Manch. She has recently visited Jaipur for her block buster stage show “Namaste”, in which she portrayed a jolly-natured, always taking life’s troubles with a smile and understanding mother and wife. Her heroine manages to act as a buffer between her religious but nagging husband, a mentally handicapped son and a US returned son with his atheist girlfriend, whom he wants to marry.


Jaipur Women Blog gets to talk to this beautiful, amazing, accomplished lady after the show:

JWB: Which role of a woman’s life requires many re-takes?

Ila Arun: A Daughter’s Role. I believe a daughter has to keep changing in order to adjust herself between parents and siblings. As far as the role of a wife is concerned, she has to live in a concept of one to one relationship for majority of her time with her spouse.

JWB: What is unique about Jaipur Woman? And what is she missing?

IIa Arun: I would say not only Jaipur, but the women of Rajasthan as a whole are Unique for their beauty, grace, vigour, patience and colours. Rani Hada and Padmani were personifications of beauty, traditions and grace. But I feel today women are actually not following their cultural heritage and are more attracted towards western modern values. Our women are unaware that the world is copying them.Rajput ladies with their Chiffon saris and beautiful colourful dresses waved a thousand hearts – but the women are changing now. They must not only be aware of this change but should also follow their traditions and culture as the land which we belong is filled with culture, colour and eternal charm.

JWB: What makes a woman’s voice heard?

Ila Arun: For a singer her voice should be “surely” that is in rhythm to be heard. For a woman her words should be accompanied with Solid Reason, Meaningfulness, Thoughtfulness, Positivism and an Understanding of the pros and cons of the conversation. There is very well known saying:

Kamaan se niklahuateer or zabban se niklayhuayalfaaz,

Donoeik se hain

Na kamman se nikalkarteerkabhiwapasaasakta hay,

na hi zabaan se nikalhuyealfaaz.

(Word uttered and arrow shot are the same, as both cannot be called back, hence they both should be seriously considered beforehand in order to avoid irreparable damage.)

 JWB: Tell us an incident of your life when you realized that a woman is capable to do everything.

Ila Arun: I believe that Indian woman’s strength is not limited to an incident or to celebrating womanhood on woman’s day. But when you go deep into the Indian villages – there you see a woman achieving a new height every day! From illiterate women learning and setting computer labs like in Naila village which I witnessed to women rising to imminent positions, women conquering world’s highest mountain peaks to top-notch positions in the world corporate nexus…. (She continues with the vocal rhythm singing the hymn to Women’s Victories). Female artists who amaze the whole world with their amazing art, and players bowling over the world in tennis, golf, shooting, weightlifting and numerous other sports. Indian women are truly capable of doing everything in every avatar they take – rural or urban.

JWB: What is the only thing which makes a woman younger years by years?

Ila Arun: The love, the liveliness, the positivity, and the zest to take a lead and stand for protection of other women – keep us younger years by years without any cosmetics. Hence, your inner beauty will shine from within, and will keep you glowing and beautiful always.

JWB: Your Message for Women of Jaipur.

Ila Arun: Today’s women have so many opportunities which we didn’t had. Our world was limited from Radio station to Ravindra Manch. We didn’t have much money and going out with friends was a taboo. Today opportunities are literally coming on a Platter for Women of Jaipur with so many cultural events happening in places which are in approach as compared to any other city like Mumbai. They must grab them and utilize them to the fullest. They should take out time for themselves too and work towards developing positive energy through Yoga, walk in the beautiful central park or somewhere, the serene place nearby. Women must bring out their inner glow leaving the cosmetics behind and shine in the vibrant colours of our inner peace and rich cultural heritage.

Ruby Khan,

Jaipur Women Blog journalist.

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