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My Body: The Temple of Sensuality

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  •  July 19, 2014


“Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise that I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?” – Maya Angelou

I was reading an article in one women magazine that talked about unapologetic female sexuality in our history. Our goddesses have always been shown embracing their sexuality which played a very important role in portraying them as someone ‘beautiful’ up in that heaven. But what’s happening down here?

Why most of the Indian women lose their sensuality (read sexuality) after they get married or for that matter reach 30? I find 65 years old Hollywood’s Meryl Streep sexier than most of 30 year old Indian women. Oh, did the word ‘sexier’ just hurt your eyes? I am not sorry.

So I am talking about Indian women who lose their sensuality with the course of time. They lose track of the pleasure of being beautiful, looking beautiful. When I asked a random middle class mother about it, she replied – “My happiness is in my children. What else do I want now?” Umm…how about also getting back what you had few years back?

The expression of being a woman with physical cum emotional beauty has no expiry date. You can look ‘sexy’ before and after marriage. And wait, with word sexy I don’t mean a figure of 36-24-36. It can be any random number combination. Mine is ridiculous. Being sexy is being happy of your own body. Are you? If yes, do you express it? Do you make extra efforts making your body look appealing?

I have been longing to visit the Caves of Ellora in Maharashtra, the Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh & Kamakhya Temple in Assam. These are just few places in India that have ancient erotic art and sculptures. These places have been main attraction for the Archaeologists round the world including Indians.


The Kandariyâ Mahâdeva Temple is the largest and most ornate Hindu temple in the medieval temple group found at Khajuraho. The temple has numerous sculptures depicting the various positions from the ‘Kāmasūtra’ veda. They also display the woman sensuality without filtering. These women statues are standing, lying down on men counterparts performing actions we wouldn’t like to speak of. So it that vulgar? No, this is the very part of Indian heritage. We should be proud of giving this standard human sexual behavior script to the world. But many find it offensive. Many Indians will never want to go for a family visit to such places or permit their children to go there for a trip with their friends. Well, this can be hazardous to their children’s brains. Sarcasm intended.

“Oh, look at that stone carving of woman on the temple wall. This looks ridiculous. How can anyone even think of making it up there?” said many Indian parents. They call it ‘culture’”.

Let me tell you something more provocative on this topic. Ever heard of ‘Goddess’ Lajja Gauri? She is one of the most historical symbols of sexual fecundity. She has a lotus as head but her legs are wide spread showing off her vagina. No, she is not shown as a woman giving birth but she depicts a posture of sexual invitation since she is associated with fertility. Btw, for a girl it’s a bad manner to sit with legs wide open (like boys).  Are YOU a good girl?


Wearing a deep cut blouse is not liked by most of the mothers, while on the other hand they ask their daughters to wear it because it looks stunning during weddings. Is this their deep down desire? Why can’t our women be radiant and ooze oomph after 20 years of their marriage? Let’s not stop them. Men, please don’t comment on how a 50 year old is looking in red.


Many women experience low sex drive or pleasure because of emotional or mental blockages. If you are in India, add social blockages to it. Because being appealing or a woman who is sexually charged can give wrong intentions to men. She can intimidate men in our country. The men (no matter married or not) get a feeling of what they are losing on. Hence, the rage to get this woman appears. Hence, the rape happens. Hence, our parents ask us to wear covered clothes and be home before its dark. Hence, the end of discussion.

Anyway, the ‘secret female power’ is not new, it is so old, and we have forgotten it. It is time to wake up! Our Indian history has worthy instances of all this. Get inspired. Meanwhile I need to ask my parents if I can go with my friends or are they taking me for the Khajuraho trip already.

By Lavanya Bahuguna,

The Blogger

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