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Must Watch Indian Movies Made by Women About Women!

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  •  March 16, 2015


Here is a list of some powerful Indie cinemas directed by Indian women film-makers who strongly believe in the power of art. Their movies have, in some way, brought ripples of change in our society and mindsets:

Monsoon Wedding (Mira Nair, 2001) A7B92CCE-B6F3-17E7-DBE38DB83C0484F3

It shows a big fat Indian wedding which turns into a turmoil when the bride confesses to her fiancé about an affair with her married boss. Things get worse when a relative is exposed of molesting young girls. The movie displays the journey of a family through revelations of relationships.

Mitr, My Friend (Revathy, 2002)Mitr

The movie shows the life of a stay-at-home mom who now wants to make her dreams come true. The main woman protagonist is often accused of being too focused on her family. First her daughter leaves the home and later her suspicious husband also walks out after he assumes she is having an affair with the neighbor. So she finds an online-friend who helps her to realize her potential.  Later she is shocked when the Mitr’s identity is revealed.

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (Aparna Sen, 2002)220px-MrMrsIyerPoster

It has a married Hindu woman (Konkona Sen) and an unmarried Muslim man (Rahul Bose). They meet on a bus journey, and suddenly riots break out. The lady saves the man by concealing his Muslim identity from the mob and the man protects her by taking care of her and her infant son. By the end of the film, they both started liking each other.

Bend It Like Beckham (Gurinder Chadha, 2002)Bend-It-Like-Beckham

This film tells the tale of a young girl who breaks all social and cultural stereotypes to pursue her dream for football. While her family pressurizes her to get married and transform her ‘tomboyish’ look, she keeps on fighting the odds to become a victor. It is inspired by a real life story of an aspiring Indian woman football player.

Rudaali (Kalpana Lajmi, 2003)IndiaBollywoodPressBook1993RUDAALIDimpleKapadia1

It is a story of a woman called Shanichari who is supposed to have been born cursed. Her life is quite sad since she gets married to an alcoholic who is later killed and whose only son abandons her. But she never cries about her misfortune. To survive, she becomes a rudaali or professional mourner, but then is unable to shed tears until she faces a truth that makes her cry, finally. Dimple Kapadia who played Rudaali won a National Award for her performance.

Water (Deepa Mehta, 2005)Layout 1

The film addresses sensitive issues of child marriage, widowhood and prostitution. The most touching part is when a 7 yr old widow is forced to abandon all leisure and to live a life of solitary.

15 Park Avenue (Aparna Sen, 2005)15parkavenue

This is a story of a woman (Konkona Sen) who suffers from schizophrenia after she had been gang-raped. Because of this her fiancé (Rahul Bose) walks out of the relationship and marries someone else. The movie explores her life, her relation with her elder sister (Shabana Azmi) while ending at a very surreal note.

Dhobi Ghat (Kiran Rao, 2010)Dhobi Ghat

The delicately told story revolves around many characters, each of whom has their own compelling story, who are interlinked with one another. It is a strong script with Aamir Khan’s power-packed performance.

Peepli Live (Anusha Rizvi, 2010)Peepli Live

It is a film that speaks the truths of Indian political scene and media hypocrisy in the context of farmer suicides. It shows the plight of Indian farmers and their unfortunate trend of frequent suicides due to poverty. The movie was India’s official entry for the 83rd Academy Awards.

English Vinglish (Gauri Shinde, 2012)English Vinglish

It is a story of a woman (Sridevi) who is looked down by her husband and daughter because she doesn’t know how to speak English. She tries but is always laughed upon. She, then, happens to go to America where she enrolls herself to English classes. Her confidence builds slowly, and she realizes her inner beauty. Watch it to understand the language of love.

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