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Ayushi Agarwal

IWB Blogger

Must Watch: Hilarious Video About Sexism in Chennai College By East India Comedy

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  •  October 19, 2015


Setting dress codes for girl students is nothing new for Chennai, especially in co-educational institutes. Brought to light is the rampant sexism in Chennai Engineering colleges.

Recently, the Sri Sairam College of Engineering in Chennai issued a list of ‘NOs’ for the female students. The list dictates norms of dressing, as well as behavior, targeting ONLY the girls.

The list has 14 rules for girls, which get chronologically more idiotic as they progress. The restrictions range from no leggings, high heels, short kurtas, patialas to wearing large watches or leaving their hair loose.

As an outrage, the East India Comedy posted a hilarious video where they openly mock this ridiculous list and its rules. The video will leave you in splits!

Watch here:


Here is that moronic list!

This college really does need a reality check, or rather a wake-up call! Why isn’t there a big list of NOs for the boys as well? #Outrage

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