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Mumbai’s Sumaira Abdulali Fights Sand Mafias To Save Our Environment!

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  •  October 26, 2015


Carrying around a noise meter, Sumaira Abdulali has dedicated her life to protecting the environment. At fifty-four, she’s trying and also succeeding in her mission to make a change. She has been seen concentrating majorly on noise pollution and sand mining.

She launched a crusade against sand mafias.

“Sand drudging is an extremely common activity in various places. This is not only affecting the biodiversity as it robs the ecosystem of its natural habitat, but it also becomes dangerous for hundreds of kids who are made to work in this often without any permissions.”

Because of her bold steps, she was threatened by the Mafia. They even tried to injure her many times. They always said, “aapko dekh lenge”.

Thankfully, the increasing awareness is improving the situation, now we wouldn’t say drastically, but change is definite.

“Politicians and lawmakers should ensure that no loopholes are left in policies and that they are implemented in the right manner.”

Next she intends to launch a campaign against the excessive use of car horns in the city. What an inspiring woman!

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