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Ms. Fatasstic Has The Perfect Way To Deal With Fear Of Body Shaming At Reunions

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  •  March 12, 2017


Holi Cow! It is a long weekend!

Today’s post is about what I face every time I meet my out-of-town friends, cousins, & family relatives after a long time, who drop in to make our festivals more colorful!

This weekend, my first cousin has visited me – and guess how she greeted me.

“You look fatter than I saw you last time, on Diwali,” she said after scanning me from head to toe.

Ummm… thanks?

monica geller

My grandma also chimed in, “Exactly! Every day she goes for exercise and yet she’s turning into this shapeless big blob.”

Hmmm…. Now, this comment was outright demeaning and you all know that Fatasstic chick ain’t take this kinda talk from anyone.

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“First of all, I exercise to stay fit and not to be “thin.” And, btw, I have a beautiful body shape and it’s called curvy and bootylicious,” I said with a straight (Read: Bitch) face. I was so tempted to just twerk and prove my point.

It’s not the first time that this kind of things happened to me and I am sure that most of the curvy girls out there must have been through such a “body-judgement” many times.

And, to be honest, the bitch face and this don’t-give-a-f**k attitude doesn’t come easy. I remember the time when I used to fear to step out of my house because I knew I would be “body-scanned” and criticized by people.

You might not have the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because you suffer from FOBS (Fear Of Body Shaming) and you dread going to the family reunions, parties, get-togethers with the out-of-town besties, as you know that many people would scrutinize your body and shame your size.

Let me teach you how to “not-give-a-fuck” like Ms. Fatasstic when someone body-judges and shames you like this.

First, let go of the fear, let go of the FOBS. Ask yourself, “What’s there to even fear about?” You are as “perfect” as anyone else in the room. Be comfortable with yourself and know that you are beautiful!

Second, never let the body-shamer get away without a fitting reply. Understand that you need to make them realize that they are not entitled to comment on anyone based on their bodies or anything else for that matter.

“Have you put on weight?”

Oh! Am I looking fat? Thanks for the compliment, buddy!”  You are thin, you are fat, you are white, you are black: All adjectives. Take all of them as positive ones.

“You have put on weight, especially on the hips.”

“Oh, yeah I know I have put on some weight. I am precious to me and so I bubble-wrap myself with fat!” *walk away with swag*

Image result for walk away with a swag gif


“Looks like someone’s not hitting the gym lately, ha?”

Quote the kickass Mindy:

“By the way, I run and work out. It takes a lot of effort to look like a normal/chubby person.”

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“I think it’s time you change your gym instructor.”

“I am my gym instructor, and I love myself. Come for a jog tomorrow and we’ll see who needs a new trainer?”

“Mmmm.. I wouldn’t touch those fries for like zillion years if I were you.”

“I wouldn’t speak for like zillion years if I would be a body-shamer like you.”

#Fatasstic Tip:

Fear comes from guilt and no one should ever be guilty of who they are. So, let go of the fear and worship your body. It is the only one in the entire universe.

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