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Mrs. Rajula Loona: Real Age Miracle is You, Your Heart

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  •  August 8, 2014

Ok, let’s talk about age.  I mean really the talk about age. Magazines and media are brimming with ads and articles written about how to look and feel younger. How to defy what happens to us as we grow older. Which creams to use, what vitamins to take, what surgery to go for, what diet to follow, what doctor to see, what retirement plan to look for in order to be taken care of when “the time comes.”

Let’s be born old, but God forbid that we die old! People say, the age is a state of mind. Today our mothers, mother-in laws and dadis, nanis no more believe in getting old. They are exercising, taking their vitamins and dressing up. They are the driving engines of the family. They are still juggling careers, looking after older relatives and bringing up children, all the while growing younger in the heart.

Once a woman reaches her 50s, she has already experienced the ups and downs of relationships, taken responsibility of work or home and seen a lot of the world. It is the time of life when a woman should feel the most confident. Yet it seems that many women of this age don’t feel confident at all. The world feels geared toward appreciating younger women, leaving those above a certain age to feel neglected or less worthy. We must understand that these women are not invisible and neither are their concerns.

We talked to Mrs. Rajula Loona, who is 56 years old and is married to Mr. Virender Loona. She has two sons and both are married and settled in Melbourne, Australia. She is a jewellery designer, Zodiac painter and deals in ethic traditional work.  Painting, singing,  social work and poetry are her passions.

rajula ji 2

Rajula Loona loves to live and enjoy life. She believes in living with her passions and giving back to the world the gift of empathy and unconditional support to make it a better place for other along with her friends.

We asked her a few questions on her outlook and philosophy of a vibrant woman in late 50s:

Ruby: People often call women in 50s as senior citizen and expect them to stay home and live a less active life. What do you say about it?

Rajula: You begin life at 50. You are free with responsibilities of children and start rethinking about the time left for one to be happy and enjoy life. You want to play each ball like in cricket match when playing the last over.Rajula ji 4

Ruby: What is your daily routine which keeps you physically and mentally fit?

Rajula: I always do Yoga, physical exercises along with evening walk to keep myself physically fit. I practice Buddhism for my mental peace and it makes me a good human being.

Ruby: Elderly these days are often sent to “vriddhashram” by their children. What do you feel brought this change of social values and outlook towards elders of the family?

Rajula: Society is dynamic and changes are inevitable. Though, I feel it’s a good thing if you can keep your relations healthy with children by shifting and living in ashram. You can find companionship with the people living in ashram and let children grow in their own freedom.

Ruby: How can elderly become more independent financially, socially, emotionally?

Rajula: Elders should have their own security of wealth, health and friends. They should not be dependent on their children. They should have their own passion in any field they really love.

Ruby: Fear of losing of youth, vigor, friends, spouse and other beloved attributes creates immense pressure on elder people. How can they gain strength to cope with these stresses?

Rajula: Nobody comes together, and nobody goes together. In any part of your life there are times when you may have to live alone. In those times your passions become your best friends. We must love our life, our self – and we’ll never be alone.

Ruby: What should be both generations’ expectations from each other at this point of life?

Rajula: To avoid the so-called generation gap you should try maintaining healthy friendly relations irrespective of age with everyone, children, friends, family, neighbors and co- workers.

Ruby: You are an example of a woman who blossoms in their true colors as they age. What are your suggestions for all the women readers of the blog to age gracefully, beautifully and happily?

Rajula: Love yourself, respect your family members and be faithful with your friends, develop and enjoy your passion and love your life. Do not let your heart age….Let it be young forever. You are sure to enjoy life midst all its knick-knacks.

By Ruby Khan,

JWB Journalist


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