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Mrs. Benu Prabhakar stands as a Sugar pot

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  •  December 4, 2014

And here is our final conversation from the campaign ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’ in association with Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash – Chyawan Vit. In this dialogue series, we have met 6 diabetic Jaipur women who courageously spoke about their continuous fight with diabetes, and how they have been winning it by making small healthy efforts.

Meet Mrs. Benu Prabhakar who has been boldly fighting this medical condition for last 23 years. Her diabetes is at an advanced stage making us wonder at her ability to handle health and home wonderfully.  

DSC_2601JWB – You have type-1 diabetes and you take insulin. Right?

Benu – Yes, it is hereditary. That’s why I was prepared for it from a very young age.

DSC_2624JWB – Was it after you got married? Has it changed the way of your household management after diagnosis?

DSC_2640Benu – It got altered a bit but only after my health started getting bad. Initially when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I never paid much attention because I was not acquainted with its ill-effects. However, I firmly believe that diabetes cannot bring disharmony in life.

JWB – How often do you take insulin shots?


Benu – 4 times a day since last 8 yrs.

JWB – What other health complication do you face because of diabetes?

Benu – Unfortunately for me it’s handful of them. Joint pain, cataract, heart problem and frequent fever to name a few.

JWB – And what is the role of your family during such times?


Benu – The support is grand. My husband, 2 kids and their spouses have been great. Apart from moral support, my family has been spending huge amounts on my treatments. I am getting the best in terms of medical care that one can ask for. I feel fortunate.


JWB – At that, we want to see the sugar-pot we had given to your family to paint in order to showcase their support.


As Benu showed us the pot, she explained:

Benu – My husband and son painted it along with few messages. The handwriting is not clear. However, they took inspiration from your campaign’s associate – Baidyantah. Their art is inspired by nature.


JWB – We are happy to see both the men of the family making efforts. It is rare and appreciable. Diabetes must have beautified your married relationship.


Benu – Definitely. My husband keeps a check if I am taking my dinner sharp at 7pm, even if we are out at a party, etc.

JWB – How do you manage cooking different meals suiting your health as well as everyone’s taste buds?


Benu – I have become good at controlling. It’s been more than 20 yrs, and I feel no temptations or irritation seeing others relishing on dishes I cannot eat.


JWB – That’s commendable, it shows how much you have adapted. Imagining you have no diabetes, how will it change your life?


Benu – Big time. Today I have to carry 3 bags of injections, medicines, snacks and ice wherever I go. I have to look for toilets or rest rooms while I am traveling to take insulin shots. If my diabetes magically disappears, I wouldn’t have to do all of this. Also, I am worried about my kids and grandchildren who now have a possibility of developing diabetes due to heredity. Though, I know worrying wont’ help.


JWB – You are a strong woman. Do you have any final words for our women readers?

Benu – Don’t assume that diabetes happen to people over 50 or 60. If it is hereditary, it can be diagnosed in your 20s too. It’s better to be precautions from an early stage.


JWB – This is a small offering from Baidyanath. [We gifted her the pack of Chavan Vit]

Benu – Thank you, we have been using this Chyawanprash since years. It works wonders for our whole family.


JWB – Baidyanath Chyawanprash wishes you a hale and hearty life. Stay close to nature with it and the health will always be benefited.

Benu – I agree.

DSC_2654This is how Benu Prabhakar stands as a sugar pot – brave and determined – to defeat diabetes every day. Send us your photos posing like this!

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