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Mr. & Mrs. Dangayach: ‘Parenting’ Togetherness

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  •  October 11, 2014


Tick-Tock was going our clock, while the couple was staring at each other without blinking their eyes for 2 minutes. A minute of emotions, memories, tears of happiness and…food!

“I was thinking that it’s been really long Rohit hasn’t taken me out to my favorite sizzlers joint.”


This is Mrs. Suchita with husband Mr. Rohit Dangayach.

You know about our Karwa Chauth campaign in which we met few Jaipur couples to discuss how much quality time they spend with one another. When we met Mr. & Mrs. Dangayach, we got a whole new story!


First, we made them gaze into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes and later asked them what they were feeling. While Suchita’s answer broke us into laughter, Rohit’s words sounded emotional: “She is right. I just realized I haven’t taken her out for her favorite feast since Reyansh was born.”

Suchita – I miss those times terribly.

JWB – How much quality time do you spend together?

Suchita – Almost zero. If given a chance to be with Rohit for an hour, I will be tensed thinking about my baby who is just 1.5 yrs old now.


Rohit – These days when we go out, it is mostly with family or friends, and Reyansh, of course.

Suchita – But you see, we work together so that is our time together. Will you consider that?

JWB – Sadly no, because office time is solely for work and no matter how hard can one try, the ‘couple time’ goes missing.

Rohit – Right.


JWB – So how do you spend time apart from work?

Rohit – If we are at home, we cook together and have a gala family time. Else we enjoy dinners with family and friends. Reyansh is small, and hence, we don’t prefer leaving him behind.


Suchita – And because of this, we at times get involved in arguments. Not because one of us doesn’t want Reyansh to accompany us, but since the pressure has now increased, it brings out frustration in other tasks.

Rohit – So, the other day Suchita and I decided to enjoy a movie at home, after Reyansh slept, and what I saw actually irritated me. Suchita was sleeping just half an hour after the movie began. Aargh!


Suchita laughed and immediately hugged her husband. This kind of apology is always accepted.

JWB – During such situation, who is the one fixing things?

In chorus – I do.


This family made sure we laugh enough. When we questioned with a raised eyebrow, the hubby dear instantly explained: “She is a bit short-tempered. But at that, she never quits making things better from her end. I appreciate that a lot in her.”

Suchita – You know what, apart from making up things, the dialogues also bring out the negative in you. You may still be angry when you initiate a dialogue, and it will only ruin things further. We need to seek a right time.


Rohit – Especially, when you have a small kid around, you cannot be a hyper all the time. So what if we are new parents, we are learning many things every day.


Suchita – True that. We enjoyed life to the fullest before Reyansh, but for now we need a stable break in order to nurture him in a right manner. We cannot just go out every other night and have fun like before. Once he is a little more grown up, we will resume our life back.

Rohit – It is just that Reyansh is the priority now.

JWB – So, you mean love between couples lessen once they bear a child because he is the focus now?


Rohit – Not really. But yes, the whole focus of the father-and-mother is on the baby. I cannot forget about Reyansh’s daily care thinking Suchita is with him. As a father too, I know my responsibilities in shaping my son at this tender age. This keeps us bonded.

Suchita – This is just another phase of love for two of us.


The couple glanced at each other and smiled. This moment stopped for few seconds before we popped up our last question.

JWB – You both are handling your business which means you take decisions together. What about personal life? Who is ‘relationship working-out’ partner here?

Rohit – I am.

Suchita – Very modest Rohit.

Rohit (laughs) – Am I not?

Suchita – See, if it is related to fights between us, he is the one who works on betterment.. But when it comes to….

Rohit – …family, she is the one who works it out.

Suchita – Wow, thank you for acknowledging, dear husband.

Rohit – Anytime, my lady.

As we bid the cute family good-bye, we noticed how beautiful their scattered home was looking. Reyansh’s unlimited toys were on the floor which made the home look lively & colorful. Life after kids changes, but isn’t it another phase everyone looks forward to? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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