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Mr. & Mrs. Bhatnagar: ‘Fitness’ Togetherness

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  •  October 11, 2014


We continue our series of dialogues commemorating the day of togetherness, Karwa Chauth. Another couple whom we had wonderful time with was Shan & Devyani Bhatnagar. This couple, married for 9 years, and having a small daughter, met during their student life. They fell in love and quickly decided to tie the knot without letting a second thought slip in.


But isn’t it difficult to keep the same spark after all these years? To get the answer, we reached their spectacular home that left us in awe. The home has beautiful paintings on the walls and ceilings drawn by the artist husband. Unlike other creative minds, Shan is quite humorous which describes his compatibility with his bubbly wife Devyani.

To begin with, we made the couple look into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes. With clock’s tick-tock in the background, the couple started the task only to end it in next 5 seconds.


Devyani (laughs) – I cannot do it. It’s so funny.

We stopped the clock and encouraged the ‘giggling’ couple for another try.


Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. This finally went for 2 minutes. Still laughing silently and chuckling, the couple completed the task. Not to forget, our team was laughing alongside.

JWB – What did you read in each other’s eyes?

Shan – I was thinking is there any worst face that Devyani can make?


We all again burst out laughing. He continued:

Shan – Actually, I noticed her glowing skin. She has changed a lot and looks happier.


Devyani – I was remembering the old times when we were dating. Ah, I cannot explain the feeling I have in my heart right now. Nostalgia.


Our tick-tock has made them miss those times apart from rolling on the sofa and laughing. Good.

JWB – How much quality time do you spend together and by this, we mean time just with each other – no work, no kid or family and no friends. Just you two.

Devyani – 2 hours every day.


JWB – What do you do during this time? Any ritual?

Devyani – We go to a fitness centre together in the evening and that’s our together time. We joined it few months back, and have explored each other from a different perspective.


Shan – Lately, fitness has become our joint-interest, and we are enjoying it. We have been able to discover each other again after these 9 years of marriage. We also go for walks after dinner.

JWB – Do you live social life together or separately?

Shan – It is both ways. We have common friends, and she also enjoys her girls’ nights-out.


JWB – How important is to have your own friends after so many years of marriage?

Devyani – Very. There are things you can only share with friends. (winks)

Shan – Umm.

JWB – So you mean it is important to take rest from one another sometimes?


At that, Shan & Devyani gazed into each other’s eyes. This time there wasn’t any tick-tock or any task that compelled them to do so. It was real.

Devyani – It is important – and anyway we spend 4-6 hours at our own workplaces so…it just happens.

JWB – How is life different 9 years down the line?


Shan – It is the same if we talk about our understanding. There were no rules when we were dating. There are no rules even after we have a child.

Devyani – We have matured ‘Together’ in these years. Like with Naina (daughter), we have explored parenting.

JWB – So you mean having a child hasn’t altered your life much!


Shan – It is more fun now.

Devyani took a deep breath, looked at Shan and said – “Actually, life is beautiful.”

JWB – Shan, do you have to say something to your wife that you have been planning to tell her for quite some time?


Shan – She looks dazzling.

Devyani – I get compliments through his eyes. He doesn’t use many words.


JWB – And Devyani, do you compliment him openly?

Shan (smiles) – She does.

JWB – Share that one secret which makes your life lovable every passing year.

Devyani – I see people saying relationships need to breathe and need space to live longer. Well, in our case, who needs space? We don’t suffocate with each other rather – make each day worth living.



Shan – Even if it is a quite dinner at home, we cherish it. This is the mantra, we treasure it.

Did you enjoy their conversation with team JWB? Tell us in the comments below!

The magic in each photo  was brought by our photographer Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain.

By Lavanya Bahuguna,


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