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Motivational Speaker Jillian Haslam Gives A Pep Talk To Homemakers Who Dream To Be Entrepreneurs

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  •  October 12, 2017


Some time back, I got this incredible opportunity to know the phenomenal journey of Jillian Haslam, an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and a philanthropist. (You can read IWB’s interview with Jillian here)

Born to British parents who decided to stay in India, after its independence in 1947, Jillian spent most of her childhood and teen years in the Kidderpore slum of Kolkata (then Calcutta).

Jillian’s journey and her vision in her own words: “A little room, squalid lanes and a place that bears the scars of a family’s humble struggles alongside the human propensity for cruelty. Hatred stirred by ignorance with the courage to rise above it all with love, gratitude & understanding.
There is the juxtaposition of values inherent in class warfare and the evils of discrimination and abuse, but above all that, there was a determination to improve and succeed, driven by the capacity to overcome and to heal and, most of all, to forgive. My heartfelt wish is that my ‘cross to bear’, to use my late father’s words, aids those who need inspiration and soothes those disturbed by intolerance and gives strength & hope to those who need to believe and to develop a will that is unwilling to relent to adversity.”

Though Jillian is settled in the UK with her family, she has her heart and soul in India. She runs six charities in India which support and help various sections of underprivileged in India.

For her outstanding contribution in the upliftment of the underprivileged in India, Jillian has been felicitated by many prestigious awards over the span of time. To name a few, she received ‘True Legend Award’ for her exceptional contribution to humanitarian causes, from The Telegraph, April 2015 and was also awarded ‘Excellence in Humanitarianism Award’ in 2016.

She has also inspired millions with her memoir, ‘Indian. English.’ where she recollected her experiences and struggles of living in the Kidderpore slum, and how she overcame them to reach where she is now.

Jillian’s second book, ‘The Irrepressible Mind’ talks about the courage to continue against all odds.

Talking about the book, Jillian gives out an important message to the Indian women, especially, homemakers.

“To all the homemakers and the women who want to do something but do not know where to start, “she addresses, “Stop thinking about what you don’t have. I know it’s easy to think that you are ‘disabled,’ because you have three children, or you don’t have any money, or you are too ‘old.’ Many people suffer from what you call ‘Excusitis’ which is making excuses when you are unable to something. Stop making excuses! Instead, focus on what you have. You have a healthy mind and you can take out a little time at night if you are willing to pursue something,” says Jillian.

“Change your attitude and remind yourself, ‘I’m willing to do anything to achieve my desires.’ It’s your attitude that decides your altitude,” adds Jillian.

As far as success is concerned, Jillian feels that the youth should focus on something more than just education and talent.

“The teenagers think that it’s the education and talent that matters. But, it’s more than that! There are these talent spotting committees in big firms and they look out for more than just the degrees in your hand. They also have this running joke amongst them where they call the MBAs ‘Mr./ Mrs. Big Attitude’ because the attitude of the students who have done MBA go over the roof. Apart from just degrees and talent, much of it depends on your attitude, if you have to reach the top! You need to be very humble and willing to learn. You should not feel humiliated by any type of work assigned to you. Success comes to those who are willing to strive for it!”

P.S. You may read the entire interview of Jillian Haslam here.

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