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Mother’s Day: Pankhuri Dhingra Recounts School Days At Momma’s Salon

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  •  May 7, 2016


Let’s ask ourselves – How were our lives as kids? Our mothers would dress us up, comb our hair, tightly clasp them in ribbons and rubber bands, and add hair accessories to our excessively oiled scalps. Let’s not even talk about the pain we experienced the whole day! Thanks to those hairstyles, we still hide our childhood photos away. Though, wasn’t it just the best time?

JWB took Mother’s Day to relive the memories of our childhood. Our team visited Tangerine – The Boutique Salon, which was to convert into a Momma’s Salon!

Three down, one more to go! Previously you saw three of us – Me, Ayushi and Natasha (Founder, Tangerine – The Boutique Salon) participating in the pulling and messing with hair.

Remember Pankhuri Dhingra? Her ever-smiling mum already knew how she was going to style her hair. From the looks of it, her mother loved her hair the way they are. Funny story, I’ve been to school with Pankhuri’s sister Radha, and she always had long plaits while in school.

When I explained the concept to her mother, and she nodded her head and had her eyes fixed at Pankhuri’s hair.Mother's Day 2016

Pankhuri’s mom: I already know what I’m going to do to your hair.

Pankhuri looked intimidated. It was time for her to visit her childhood, and we’d know what it was like in less than a minute. She was, though, a little fine, as she knew, Natasha was just a stone’s throw away.

But as a mother, she knew she’d do the best to her daughter.

In her first hairstyle, her mother combed her hair and collected it from the front. She styled her hair into a puff. Hmm, fancy. A puff back in those times, now that’s what you call a Supermom!Mother's Day 2016

The second hairstyle, DeeDee’s pigtails, were back, baby doll! Somehow, that turned out to be the cutest and most popular hairstyle in the world. Mother's Day 2016 Mother's Day 2016

She parted her hair and began combing. Pankhuri’s mother collected her hair and made two cute ponies out of them. Have a look.Mother's Day 2016

Yay! This activity is more fun than I expected!

Pankhuri’s third look was my personal favorite! Let’s welcome Divya Bharti back with this hairstyle! Oh, by the way, her mother took a little inspiration from the Tangerine’s look-book.
Mother's Day 2016

Ah! Her mother sure must love Bollywood. I think she looked like Basanti from Sholay. What do you say, Auntyji?Mother's Day 2016

And that little red flower on the top perfectly complimented her dress.

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