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Mother’s Day: Natasha Singh Bissau Recounts School Days At Momma’s Salon

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  •  May 7, 2016


JWB took Mother’s Day to relive the memories of our childhood. Our team visited Tangerine – The Boutique Salon, which was to convert into a Momma’s Salon!

After Ayushi’s experience and mine, guess who got roped in to be a part of the Momma’s salon? It was Natasha, the founder of Tangerine! It’s not just that Jaipur is drooling over her hairstyling! This time round, we have found a way to go down the lane of role-reversal for her.

Natasha’s bob, I’m not gonna lie, was one of the inspirations for me to chop my hair! Natasha sat down on the Golden Throne and was a customer at her own salon today! Her mother combed her hair, as Natasha let herself relax.

Natasha: Mom, see, I clearly remember. You used to make pigtails, a fountain choti, right?

Natasha’s mom: Don’t worry, Natasha. I’ll take you back to school today.

Natasha: I think I might as well wear my school uniform!

Natasha in her loose red-checked shirt sat there with her big round glasses, and let her mother take over!Mother's Day

Her mother combed her hair properly and parted them from the center. She collected the left-sided hair in her hand and tied them with an elastic band. She repeated the step with the other side and Tada!Mother's Day

See how cool Natasha looks!

Her mother admired her daughter from the mirror and said, “You can carry this hairstyle easily!Mother's Day

It was time for the second hairdo. And since Natasha had reasonably short hair, they were easy to comb.

Natasha: Next one is the fountain, mom, right?IMG_5384

Her mother chuckled, nodded and began. Natasha was well, sunk into the throne, she knew she was in good hands. She collected half of her hair and tied them.IMG_5393

I asked Natasha how she liked her hair best.

I loved my hair the way my mom made them. What’s important is that I can now wear them the way I want!”IMG_5405

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