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Mother’s Day: JWB Blogger Komal Recounts School Days At Momma’s Salon

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  •  May 7, 2016


I could see a hundred videos about Mother’s Day, and they could leave a heavy impression on me, but nothing, I mean NOTHING can take away the sound of ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ from my ears. It was a Mother’s Day episode, and DeeDee and Dexter couldn’t stop wishing their mother in a creepy “Happy Mother’s day” tone.

Our Mother’s day wasn’t similar, but it had a DeeDee touch to it. I’m referring to her two pigtails! JWB took Mother’s Day to relive the memories of our childhood at Momma’s salon. Our team visited Tangerine – The Boutique Salon, which was to convert into a Momma’s Salon!

The tangerine-ic aroma filled the entire area and I settled on the Golden styling chair. My recently shortened hair stared at me from the mirror, as I sat there waiting for my mother. It wasn’t a long stall! Mommy dearest entered with all determination to tear my hair apart. That’s all the hair fall issue I have!Mother's Day

Mom: Let’s get this going!

Me: Relax, mum. You just need to go back to the experiments you used to perform on my hair.

Mom thought for a minute and picked up the tail comb. She combed through my hair and said. “Ugh! You have such rough hair. Good job with oiling them up!Mother's Day

She worked on the first hairstyle as she began collecting all my hair to make a French plait. Guess she’s still in the world where I had long hair.Mother's Day

Mom: Pata nahi itne lambe baal kyun katwa diye!

Mom continued plaiting my hair, though she had grown rusty. Lack of practice, eh?Mother's Day

And finally, the French-plait was done! Hmm, actually looks good!Mother's Day

Mom: When was the last time you oiled your hair up?

Me: Sunday, mom.

As mom asked the question, Tangerine’s Founder Natasha ran away, as she didn’t want to be asked the question, too!

Teheheheh. I’d won there, but mom knew how to get back at me. She did the unthinkable! Mom parted my hair into two halves and began braiding them. Ah, so much for the long hair obsession, mum!Mother's Day

I was confused at first, but strangely I was kinda liking it. Sheesh, mum, you know how to continue making me look awesome. Or maybe it was the Tangerine accessories that were doing the magic?

Mom was soft with the comb, so that would’ve put me to a good sleep, but at the same time, she intended to give me two tight plaits so that the hair won’t fall on my face.Mother's Day

My third look was the classic fountain pony. Mom would take half my hair as a kid and make a ponytail right at the top of my head. I’d then make it stupider by stretching the pony tight.Mother's Day
Mother's Day

Thank you, mom!

Mom still kinda hates my hair, because I let them fall on my face and not tied up behind my back, oh and she detests me for chopping the long hair off, but secretly, she knows it’s awesome. Right, mom?

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