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Mother-Friendly Workplace:part 2

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  •  May 18, 2014

Today’s woman has become more career conscious as compared with women just 10 years back. She is able to handle her home and office with equal panache. But the question arises is whether the organizations in Jaipur are ready to give women, especially expecting mothers, equal footage in their chosen career, and if these companies are open to give flexibility to a new mother while she is taking care of her child during his/her examination or sickness?

The Government has given 180-day maternity leave and has also given provision for 730-day child care leave for mothers in all Government Departments and PSUs whose children are preparing for exams. Also government has shown the further concern about women-mothers by organizing few child-care centers in its offices, what took us by surprise. Read here.

Today Jaipur Women Blog has talked to various reputed non-government organizations of the Pink City to check the level of mother-friendliness in there.

We visited St. Xaviers School where we got to know that the school administration pays special attention to their female staff’s well-being. If a female teacher is in her advanced stage of pregnancy or in a complicated pregnancy then her whole classroom is shifted downstairs to any empty room, so that she doesn’t have to climb. The school gives 4-month paid maternity leave that can be adjusted according to the need of a mother. It also provides with 15 days of casual leave, and sick leaves of up to 90 days which can be accumulated and used in case of emergency. According to the Coordinator and Counselor Mr. Punnoose, St. Xaviers Senior Secondary School believes in the humane approach towards relations with all its employees and students, as presenting the behavioral role model of Humanity is much more important than the bookish knowledge.

Even Banking sector is becoming more cordial towards its female employees. YES Bank gives its all female employees 4-month maternity leave which can be extended depending on the circumstances along with 7-day paternity leave to the new fathers so that they can be a pillar of strength for their wives during child birth. It also provides with flexible working hours as well as flexible location transfer that allows mothers to spend quality time with their children. Jaipur Women Blog was assured that equal opportunities are given to all of the bank’s employees for growth and development irrespective of the gender. YES bank has also created the unique E- helpline for its female employees. They can call this helpline if found in emergency or unpleasant circumstances. This helpline establishes contact with the family. That’s indeed a noble step of YES bank towards safety and security of its female employees.

Even the Retail sector of Jaipur is now becoming more considerate towards female employees, especially mothers. Ganesham chain of electronic stores under Chandra group believes in women empowerment. It gives medi-claim facility to all its employees, and depending on the condition of a woman gives her maternity leave. There are no salary cuts in the above mentioned case, and there is no salary discrepancy between salaries of male and female employees. As Ms. Manjula, Manager Administration, shares that Ganesham-Chandra group also provides with higher education and training support to the women employees who are not in conditions to afford it. It helps women to stand on equal platform with their male counterparts and get equal opportunities for growth and development.

Genpact, a company that has been selected into the List of India’s Five Best Employers for women by the Times Group, also believes in giving equal opportunities. It makes sure to provide flexible and comfortable work environment to its expecting or new mothers. The company gives part-time working hours and also allows women to work from home so that they can strike a balance between their new work and motherhood. It also gives unpaid leaves to an employee for special needs, e.g. taking care of a child during the initial year. It is applicable to employees with a minimum service period of 3 years.  Apart from regular 4-month maternity leave, if a woman is suffering from illness arising from the pregnancy, the delivery, the premature birth of a child, the miscarriage, the medical termination of the pregnancy or any other complication, she is entitled to an additional paid leave for a maximum period of one month upon providing the required supporting medical documents.

This is just the tip of an ice berg which brings us to a conclusion that change is coming in very certain terms. Employers are turning to be more women-friendly and do not consider women employees to be inferior to their male counterparts. And now it is your turn, girls, to reply your employer with the bigger self-confidence, the stronger passion and the focused attitude towards your career.

P.S. Certainly, there are organizations that fail to deliver fair conditions. Certainly,there are companies, in which women are often relegated to low-paying, clerical and administrative jobs, while men are often placed on career tracks that promise upward mobility and career advancement. And, certainly, there is your choice to work or not in such a company.

By Ruby Khan,

JWB Journalist

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