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Mother-Friendly Workplace:part 1

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  •  May 18, 2014


20 years ago it was a common scenario when one parent was staying at home forgoing paid employment to provide child care. And it was appreciated both culturally and economically. This was largely because families could live comfortably on one breadwinner’s income, and also for the reason that women had traditionally been relegated to the domestic sphere.

In the past 10 years, due to both social advances and economic changes, Indian families have evolved dramatically. This new family agenda creates a double pressure on working women. Therefore, women are still more likely than men to cut back the work hours or leave work entirely to care for their children. Unfortunately, this puts them at an economic disadvantage in the long run. That’s why, the access to the child care is essential to a woman’s ability to participate in the workforce.

Even though, Jaipur is much criticized for the conservative outlook upon working mothers, the Pink City has shown its advancement with regard to providing child-care facilities at the work place.

In the government office of the Collectorate, where all you can hear is type sounds of a typewriter and bustling of people, the view totally changes once you reach the third floor. You enter the world of cartoons – and kids’ giggling and chirping fills the air. The colour on the walls changes from the formal grey to the shades of the rainbow. Here runs a child care facility called “Chahal Pahal” with joint efforts of the government and NGO named Swavlamban. In this care unit, kids of mothers working as IAS, RAS, Advocates etc. play and enjoy while their mothers are busy performing their duties.  According to its supervisor Shobha ji the extreme care is taken in looking after the children.

Even in the vast expansion of Rajasthan University, in a quiet corner one can feel the air getting cooler. Rajasthan university in association with RUWA (Rajasthan University Women Association) is running a child day care centre called “Shishu – Need” for children of educators and students. According to Dr. Pawan Surana, Chairperson RUWA, this day care centre gives special training to its staff before employing and assures that all kids are given the best of care while their mothers are at work. Pari, age 5, says that she loves being at the centre and has many friends.

Mrs. Aruna Swarnakar, a Pharmasist in SMS Hospital and her husband Assistant Professor Yogendra K. Swarnkar, whose two sons, age 3.5 and 1.5, stay at Shishu Need, say that they heard about the centre from a friend, and now they are very happy that their kids are safe and are in well-trained hands.

What makes us more excited about these two care centres that they had emerged in government offices.  And today we embrace the hope that the private sector that is driven by the higher ethics and social responsibilities can do really better in this field. Jaipur Women Blog will be coming with the special coverage on the corporate sector and its responsiveness to motherhood.

By Ruby Khan,

JWB Journalist

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