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Mother Designs Superhero Hearing Aids for Kids!

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  •  July 9, 2015


Looks like superheroes have found yet another interesting way of entering children’s lives. All thanks to Sarah Ivermee, who can be rightly called a SuperMom!

Sarah Ivermee, mother of a partially deaf son, designs creative hearing aids using superheroes, to make them more child-friendly. When Sarah heard of her friend’s daughter feeling uncomfortable wearing a hearing aid to school, she came up with some tips and suggestions to help her.

Sarah could relate more with the situation as her own son also uses a hearing aid. This gave her the idea of customizing these devices to shatter the feeling of consciousness that children felt on wearing them.

And voilà! Look what she created!


Isn’t this mommy supercool?

Today, she runs Lugs, a business dedicated to making customized hearing aids. Batman, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, or Minions, you name it and she has made it!


Apart from being absolutely adorable, these creative hearing devices have given the kids massive confidence, and today instead of feeling conscious about the devices, they are happily flaunting them! And these are not only popular amongst the children, they have been a hit with the adults too!

So much so, that her website displays a ‘temporarily closed’ message due to the overload of orders! But do keep an eye on it to get some super cool stuff!

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