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More Than 5 Jobs & Still In Pursuit Of More. Meet Rakhi Shukla.

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  •  April 9, 2015

You must have seen this woman on TV or might have heard her voice on radio. If not that, your child might recognize her as a teacher from his/her school. Rakhi Shukla is a woman with many feathers. She is an RJ, emcee, teacher at Subodh School, hosts ETV Rajasthan’s Sangini series, social activist…apart from being a brilliant wife and mother to 2 sons.

We met Rakhi at her place to know how she has managed to ‘have it all’.

JWB – How, Rakhi, how do you manage everything?

Rakhi (laughs) – I can’t sit idle._MG_8071I want to do something valuable when I am not asleep and therefore, I found jobs that can cover my whole day. I leave in the morning and come back by evening after completing all my jobs while enjoying them to the fullest._MG_8065I don’t work for money but to explore my capabilities. Because of this I am happy with myself that helps me spread happiness at home and beyond. That’s how I manage everything.

JWB – You got married at quite an early stage and grew up without a father. How did all this affect your life?

Rakhi – When I was 12, my father passed away. I saw my mother doing her best to raise her kids. I was married off early, around 18, because my mother wanted to see me settled._MG_8004However, I married on one condition. I told my in-laws that I wanted to work and so, I completed my studies first.


When I had my 1st child, I happily took a sabbatical. When he grew up and I was all set to rejoin, I realized I had been pregnant again! _MG_7918That period was long. Almost 5 yrs without working and sitting at home started to bite me, but also made me more determined.

JWB – How was your life at the job front?

Rakhi – I got a job of the newsreader where I had to memorize the news before speaking in front of the camera. Next, I got selected for Awaz Rajasthan city channel out of 120 candidates. I later became a part of Doordarshan, Akashwani Radio Pink City and ETV._MG_8031I kept doing more entertaining jibes in between like being a part of a dance video of Veena Cassettes, did voice-overs, CD anchoring, etc. I still do them for fun!_MG_7935JWB – What is your learning from all this?



JWB – Don’t you feel the guilt of not giving your best at home like other working/non-working women?

Rakhi – I will be lying if I say I don’t.

_MG_7911To get rid of it, I cook myself and haven’t hired a cook ever in spite of my crazy schedule.

JWB – Any hidden desire that is still on your wish list?

Rakhi – I want to become an actress!  _MG_8089

Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi.

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