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Mom’s Salary Calculator: calculate your salary as a ‘mother’

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  •  March 12, 2015


To honor Mother’s Day, a flower delivery company Interflora has launched an ad campaign titled – ‘Hardest Job in the World’. It shows this job as a fake job listed in The Times asking for an incredibly demanding position. They call it the ‘Hardest Job in the World’.

The ad asks for a position that demands outrageous working hours, no vacation time, little sleep, unlimited patience, and responsibilities like “chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning and counseling.  And for this, the salary is a whooping 172,000 pounds, or 258,000 American dollars.

Interestingly, this salary was calculated based on software telling us how much a person would earn working so many extreme hours as a parent! It is called the ‘mum salary calculator’ (also can be used by dads). All you have to do is enter your number of hours you spend on various tasks while taking care of your kid(s).

Click here to calculate your salary as a mother/father and let us know how much you should be paid (wink!)

Closer home, similar message was sent out by Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi. See here.

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