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  •  May 14, 2014


At times, it seems like mom has an extra set of eyes, ears, arms, and even a spare brain. She’s always watching to make sure her tot doesn’t tumble down the steps. She hears everything, whether her teen intended it to be heard or not. She can stir two pots while dicing an onion (without crying, no less). And somehow, she never forgets to swing by the dry cleaners before picking her kids up from play practice and piano lessons on her way home from work.

I don’t know about you, but this year for Mother’s Day, I know what I’d appreciate more than anything is a little help. These tools can deliver just that — though you don’t need to be a mom to use them.

fd1.       Food planner

Food Planner is one of the newest finds which busy Moms will love. Menu planning is always a struggle for Moms & they constantly try to find ways to make it easier. With Food Planner, you can add or upload your favorite recipes and plan your menu for the next week or the next month. All those who are big online recipe fan can find recipes from large recipe sites or Google search and add it to the recipes database! Once you plan your recipes, you can add the ingredients you need to your shopping list.

2.       Mama Bear

Here is your all-in-one app that allows you to always know where your kids are, what they’re doing on social media, who they are with, and, for parents of teens, if they are speeding. Simply set up your Mama Bear account and sync your family’s phones. When your child makes a new online “friend,” uploads a photo, gets tagged in a photo, or uses inappropriate language from a list of restricted words created by you, you’ll be aware of the activity.

Additionally, you can see where your child is with the map feature, and who your child is with when he is checked into a location by a friend via social media. This app also notifies you when your teen is speeding or driving dangerously.

Finally, your child can easily contact you if needed. Her phone will have 3 buttons — Check In, Come Get Me, Emergency — that will alert you to her location and will allow you to find her in an emergency.

3.       HomeRoutines

Recurring household tasks can be a drag, but at least this handy app makes them easier to complete! Create checklists of routine household jobs, and choose which day of the week you’d like them to be completed. Each list refreshes automatically when completed, and can be synched with your partner’s device so your whole family can stay on the same page.

Detailed cleaning lists, a speed-cleaning timer, and a simple to-do list for one-time tasks are also included.

4.       Chore pad

A little motivation goes a long way when it comes to doing chores, and now it just got even easier for you to get your child to complete his household tasks. Chore Pad allows your child to earn stars each time he completes a task. When he earns enough stars, he can redeem them for a reward from a list that you’ve created. Bonus stars and penalty stars are also part of the game, so your child knows when he’s done a great job, or needs to do a little better. Chore time just got a little more fun!

p-480-320-a932b994-f2bf-4a55-bb92-3e55e686e3f95.       iBearbaby

Scrapbooks, meet your future. iBearBaby allows you to create a timeline of your baby’s milestones, pictures, and even record sounds with the newly added recording feature. The height and weight tracker allows you to chart your little one’s growth, too. Best of all, you can store it all and keep it on your phone to share with your child down the road.

6.       Kid Mode

You might have heard the horror stories of children buying thousands of dollars worth of apps on their parents’ phone. We recommend getting a lock for your phone if you let them use it without you sitting right next to them. One of the favorite kid locks is Kid Mode by Zoodles. You can set up each of your children to be able to log into their own version of Kid Mode. Kid Mode collects dozens of games and videos from online that are age appropriate for each child. You can also add in your own downloaded apps into your child’s list of games available to them. Best of all the app locks so your child cannot get out of Kid Mode and into anything, they are not supposed to.

7.       Mom 2 Be

Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Then you’re going to love this app! Mom 2 Be will send you daily growth statistics and weekly tips, and will allow you to create journal entries that you can share with friends and family.

8.       Name Culture

Now that you’re expecting, you’re probably starting to wonder what you’re going to call your baby when he or she arrives. Naming a baby is a big job and can feel like an overwhelming task at times.

This naming app stands out above other Android naming apps that simply provide a laundry list of the 5,000 most popular girls and boys names. Name Culture provides name meanings and origins and allows users to search for names by these criteria. However, like some of the less helpful naming apps, Name Culture is free.

9.       Shapes

Do you have young children? Are there times when you just need 5 minutes of silence to make a phone call without your toddler wailing in the background or to focus on replying to an important email without your terrific two year old banging on the keyboard as you type? Then Shapes is sure to be a lifesaver!

Shapes is designed to entertain, interact with and most importantly teach young children their shapes and animals. Simple and free, moms report this basic app keeps most little ones engaged for quite a while.

my-days-period-ovulation-android-app_thumb10.   My Days

This is one free Android app truly just for women. My Days lets women record the dates of their menstrual cycle and then estimates when a woman’s upcoming fertile days will be and when their next period will occur. This is extremely useful information for both women trying to conceive and women trying to avoid pregnancy.

11.   JuiceDefender

If you are going to be taking your new smartphone with you wherever you go, then you will need something to make sure the battery lasts. JuiceDefender extends battery life by managing the apps and functions that drain the most power, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the screen brightness. You can see which functions use up the most battery life and customize the app to manage your smartphone accordingly.

12.   Audible

If you are a book lover without time to actually read, Audible may be a great app for you. Owned by Amazon, Audible has over 100,000 audio books you can download to your mobile device. You’ll find it great for road trips and the kids when they are in a reading slump. One of my favorite features is that it has a huge number of titles younger readers.

The Audible app is free, but the subscription service is where you will pay.

13.   My Fitness Pal

Tracking your food intake is an essential part of most diets and one of the keys to losing weight successfully. There are dozens of apps to track your weight and food intake on the market, and so this one really comes down to personal preference.  My Fitness Pal is an excellent web interface and a great full functioning Android App.

You can also interact with others users on My Fitness Pal, sharing your meals, weight loss and exercise.

14.   OurGroceries

Is the husband always forgetting to pick up the milk on his way home from work? Everything else on that grocery list you stuffed into his lunchbox, he accidently threw away after eating. It will be no more with the OurGroceries app.

Create multiple lists for different stores and send them directly to your husband’s Android. Do you know the favorite feature of this free Android app? Enter in a new recipe and OurGroceries will build a list for you based off the ingredients you’ll need.

app_desc_bg15.   WebMD Mobile

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare, but it is always good to prepared for an emergency.

The WebMD mobile app has a first aid section with detailed instructions and visual guides for CPR and other emergency procedures. In addition, it has a section on drugs and treatments, so you are able to look up usage, warnings, side effects, and a pill identifier.

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