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A Mom’s Advice To The Boy Who Wants To Date Her Daughter

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  •  March 17, 2015


The YouTube personality DoeEyes shares a video “Dear Boy Who Likes My Daughter”, giving a little advice to boys who want to take her daughter out for a date.

In the video, she clearly states the basic rules of consent and tells the boys

. DoeEyes says it is nothing but harassment.

She sarcastically points out – “You’ve probably picked up from society messages about how when you want something, you need to try harder. Go at it. Do whatever you can to get it. Don’t give up.”

At that she explains how sometimes men take this message too seriously and end up disrespecting women. She advises men who are in love to not have this kind of mindset which might lead them to stalk or harass a woman.

Watch the video here:

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