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‘Mom Life’ photo series tell ‘not so sweet’ truth about parenting

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  •  April 23, 2015

Parenting can turn messy with one naughty toddler in hands. Although, mommies love each moment of this, sometimes it turns crazy.

Photographer Anna Angenend created the photo series ‘Mom Life’ that narrates about her messy adventures at home with the toddler-daughter.

From piles of laundry to sleepless nights to failed attempts at exercising, “Mom Life” showcases the less glamorous parenting moments that moms and dads know all too well.

“The series has become a way for me to laugh at and treasure all the less-than-perfect and messy moments. It won’t be long at all before my house is no longer covered in sticky fingerprints, and that’s going to make me really sad.”

Since sharing the photos, Angenend says clients have asked her to shoot similar photos of their families. “I’d like to think this is a revolution of sorts for family portraits,” she said.

Other parents and photographers from all over the world have reached out to let her know how much they enjoyed the photos: “I’m blown away that parents in such a wide variety of cultures can relate to these scenarios. Turns out, we all have ‘those’ days. I hope the series continues to put a smile on some tired parents faces, and remind them they’re not alone.”

Angenend publishes new ‘Mom Life’ moment every month. Follow her website. 

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