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Mollywood Is Obsessively Focused On Maintaining Its Image, Says Actor Parvathy

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  •  November 3, 2018

In 2016, multiple award-winning actor Parvathy was severely targeted by trolls when she mentioned that veterans like actor Mammootty should not work in misogynistic films like Kasaba. And because she denied being afraid of the big shots, since 2016, she has got only one film to act in, Virus.

In a recent interview, she spoke about the consequences of standing up against the wrong and the prevalent patriarchy in Malayalam cinema.

“The movies that I have now lined up, two or three Malayalam films, came way before these issues came up. One movie that came up after that is Aashiq Abu’s Virus. But that does not surprise me. Aashiq is a liberal. Everything else I have now is what I signed before Kasaba (2016). I am not kidding when I say that it is ok if that is how it is going to pan out. But I am not going to keep quiet about it because there have been so many actresses in the past decades who suddenly vanished, never know why. If I am going to be phased out by whatever powers, then I want people to know that it is not because I am bad at my work,” she said.

“And it is the same thing that I would say to myself during all these casting couch situations; there is a decision you take to say no! Either you say no and lose the project or say yes, and you get harassed. So, you say no to that. In the same way, you can apply the same theory [in the present situation]. If you stand up for the right thing, you might lose the job. So my question to myself was ‘are you ready to find another job and my answer is ok’. I can’t seem to be ok with the current situation,” she added.

She agreed that film offers are dwindling and it is the same for the other two who spoke out against the big stars and outed them as sexual harassers. “Suddenly, they are on the blacklist. But that is also part of the game. So, we need to to know how to sidestep that,” she said.

She said that she is thoroughly disappointed in those people of the industry who are aware of the wrongs committed but afraid to come out. “I am not asking them to be at the forefront. I am just asking them to have a say. We might think some of the members might have a reason for not coming out and supporting us but I refuse to believe that all members of different associations are like that,” she said.

According to Parvathy, Mollywood is obsessively focused on maintaining its image rather than address the issues. “People are watching how their entire focus is on an image. When they have the power, space and stage to set an example, they are choosing something wrong. Instead of being on the right side of history, they are choosing the wrong side. I am hoping they will wake up someday. I am that hopeless, annoying optimist. At least to save their own image, I hope they wake up,” she said.

Actor Rima Kallingal had once said that she wants the women to make their own films and provide employment for to one another.

“It is a bigger scheme of action for us to start making films. There are bigger power structures of distribution and production, all male-dominated. It is a harsh reality. Our offers might be dwindling. We are not leaving the scene. It is our right to stay with a craft that we are good at. It is not up to another person to decide our fate. We will be working. This is something Rima and all of us in WCC (Women In Cinema Collective) have decided,” she said.

“We are asking the Associations to follow the law of the land. I am confident that this will pass. It may not happen in my lifetime. But it will happen, perhaps when I am in my sixties, a change in the power structure. I can let go of my anger or sadness because the fact is that there is nothing you can do to stop the truth. Even with me, there are so many things I have bottled up. It will all come out. You can’t stop it,” she added.

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