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Mohammad Shami Posts Picture Of His Daughter On Twitter, Gains Sympathy From Followers

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  •  March 13, 2018

Team India pacer Mohammad Shami has been in serious trouble since reports of him inflicting domestic violence on his wife have been doing the rounds.

Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan accused him of domestic violence and having extramarital affairs earlier this month. She also said that Shami and his parents tortured her in Amroha. Hasin posted several screenshots on her Facebook in order to expose Shami’s affairs. Though the screenshots were later blocked they certainly left Shami’s career hanging by a thread.

Hasin claimed, “I don’t drive the BMW. I use this other car and he uses BMW whenever he comes home. Under the driver’s seat, found four condoms and an HTC phone. There are numerous mail ids, Gmail, Yahoo mail, sexy mail and other different instant messaging services like WhatsApp. Instagram accounts — general accounts, Instagram accounts of prostitutes. I am in possession of everything.”

“She has lost her mental stability. She has to prove all the allegations made against me. If I have tortured her then she needs to prove it,” said Shami in his defense. Shami received a lot of flack right after his wife came out with all the allegations. She even accused him of beating her in front of their daughter.

Shami however instantly regained much of the support that he had lost by posting a picture of his daughter on Twitter. The caption of the picture said, “Chocolate lover ….miss u bebo.”

Here is the picture that Shami posted:

Mohammad Shami on Twitter

Chocolate lover ….miss u bebo

Shortly after he posted the picture support started pouring in. Here are some of the responses that Shami received in his support:

Krishna Prasad yadav on Twitter

@MdShami11 Shami bahi don’t worry you will come out clean …

$@jju….$k¥$+@* on Twitter

@MdShami11 You are wonderful bowler man… remain strong.. concentrate on your game only… Allah will do everything better….

Mir Rizwan Ul Hasan on Twitter

@MdShami11 Won’t even consider Rumour as reality Coz a Person who plays for the country can’t keep his Nation’s dignity and also his personally at stake !!! ##IndianCricketTeamFan##


The question, however, is that was it really necessary for Shami to involve his kid in such an ugly spat? I am not taking sides but this appears to me as an act of emotional manipulation and using his daughter as a prop to gain sympathy speaks volumes about him.

Even if Shami might have had some emotional reasons to post his daughter’s picture, imagine what does the support say about the gullibility of his followers. This is a classic case of blind hero worship where somebody’s followers easily ignore the facts against that person as they continue revering him/her.

I am not undermining Shami’s contribution to the country as a splendid sportsperson or asking anybody to take sides but can we please be a little more discerning and a little less gullible?

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