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Model Manon Leloup Opens Up About The Harsh Life Of Models

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  •  September 19, 2015


Considering modeling as your career? Not before you read this.

Do you think modeling is one glamorous career for women? Nah.

Read model Manon Leloup talk about the reality in the documentary ‘Speaking Dolls’. Harper’s Bazaar has rounded up some of the main takeaways from her insightful documentary.

1) Every season is a new start. Popular runway models have to go on castings each season, even if they walked in the same designer’s show six months prior. Each season new girls arrive, and the veterans must compete against the fresh faces—which makes them feel that their in-demand status could change overnight.

2) Models rarely have a place of their own to call home. With demanding schedules and constant traveling, new models can go an entire year without having their own home, instead living out of hotels and model apartments. Without a parent by their side, the loneliness can be very challenging.

3) New York and Paris can be the most stressful. Models feel the most pressure to be cast in the best shows in these cities.

4) There are different standards of thin. An agent in New York may tell you to lose a few pounds, but in Paris they may think you look too skinny—and that can put your job in jeopardy.

5) Fashion Week feels like school. Each fashion show is a class and the designers are the teachers. After spending so much time together, models form long-lasting friendships with their fellow catwalkers, who also serve as a support system.

6) Ultimately, it’s the model’s choice. They choose this job for the opportunities it affords them, but they want to be viewed as more than just the girls who wear clothes on the runway: they want to be personalities. The job makes them feel like they are actors and dancers in a role, and modeling is a form of expression and escape for them.

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