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Himanshu Roy

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Model Magdalena Frackowiak Tells A Reporter To Ask Smart Questions At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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  •  November 14, 2015


Get ready to eat your own words just like this TMZ reporter!

It happened at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show where the paparazzi were snooping in the backstage to take bites from all the models present there. And the question that one of the reporters asked?

“What are you most excited about eating after this show?”

Oh, look how original! So the media too is of the idea that models barely eat anything during fashion shows to stay in proper shape? Btw how sexist and gender biased is that question?

If you are shuddering at this moronic question, spare a thought or two for the models and what might have been their reaction.

But while most other models including big names like Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima smiled awkwardly and tried to answer the question with the best of their abilities, Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak was not having any of this nonsense.

“What? Not with these kinds of questions. This is stupid,” Frackowiak said. “Ask smart questions, not ‘eating after the show.’ You make me look like an idiot.”

A woman who speaks her mind, in her short and crisp answer she not only caught the reporter off guard but also made him understand that she is not someone to tolerate this type of sexist questions.

With the camera still rolling, in the video the reporter can be seen mumbling awkwardly that how the question was not sexist and he wasn’t talking about the stereotype that models starve themselves to maintain their figures.

But Magdalena once again lets him know that how his question actually seems to be like:

“Yeah, but it seems like I’m starving myself and I can’t wait for the show to end to eat.”

And do you know what was the icing on the cake in this story? Magdalena gave the reporter a piece of her mind and also embarrassed him – all this with a subtle smile on her face.

Hats off to this brave woman for letting him realize that asking sexist questions is simple lame!


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