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Rajshree Gautam

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Model Liza Bhojwani Opens Up About Finding Her Curved Path To Body Positivity

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  •  January 11, 2017


Model Liza Golden Bhojwani opened up about her body positivity journey to Vogue.

She was 17 when she joined modeling and even according to the industry she was thin. But in a year, her body began to change. She started developing curves, and her thin body was no longer according to the industry norms. To stop this, she started working out for massive 4 hours a day and went on a strict dieting regime.

At one point, I was only eating a measly 500 calories a day and taking up to 20 different vitamins. My social life suffered—meals with friends became an issue. All it took was one meal to send me into the spiral of binge eating followed by periods of fasting. I was weighing myself obsessively, working out four hours a day, which had me in a state of permanent exhaustion. I was run down—I didn’t have the energy to keep going, but I had no choice,” she told Vogue.

This state of continuous fasting and exhaustion made her realize that she wasn’t happy and she needed a break. “Things had to change. I knew I couldn’t continue sabotaging my body, my health and myself, day in and day out. I on. Frustrated, I decided to take some time off, do some soul searching and focus on my inner happiness rather than my calorie count and numbers on a scale. I took nearly two years off, putting my career on the back burner,” she said.

With her break from work, she came across her now husband, and she realized how beautiful she was in her way, and she began to embrace her body. “As fate would have it, I met my now husband at this time and was swept off my feet. For the first time in my life I felt and understood what “true” happiness was.Slowly, as I was becoming curvier, a realization began to dawn upon me—I felt sexier than ever. I felt good about myself, I felt like a woman instead of a hungry coat rack. I was happy with myself, with my life, and with the world again.”

With her husband at her side, she is happier than ever and as she puts it: “I am in a more positive place now than I ever was at my most successful. I am finally back to working, and I am currently shooting my first “curve” model job in New York after a two-year sabbatical. When I walk into castings now, I am not the curviest but nor am I the thinnest. And, in a strange twist of fate, I am getting a better response now than I did earlier. I feel sexy; I feel strong. My body is just coming to its natural form. The industry is changing, too—the days of needing to be a size 2 to be considered beautiful are over. We are all perfectly imperfect and accepting that is the way forward.

While slurping over ice creams, she has given us the message of body positivity. We wish her a great career ahead and lots of fries, too.

 As long as you’re happy, you’re treating your body the right way.

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