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Miss Fatasstic Chronicles The Food Fantasy Of A Fat Girl

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  •  May 4, 2017


DISCLAIMER: If you are thinking of getting some juicy sexy peek into a fat girl’s life, then you are at the wrong place.

As a fantastically fat girl, I’m here to share with you the strong desires that I have and which are more often than not neglected because I’m fat!

Being fat is just an attribute as I have explained so many times. I’ll do it once again, just for you. I’m a girl and I have fat, just as I have long hair and black eyes. Fat is no bad word and the only negativity that is associated with the word is the person who wants to judge and demean me by using it.

But again, we are not the “regular” girls and people assume that we don’t feel the same way as the “regular” ones. They completely disregard our feelings.

Now, before you tell me that happiness begins with oneself. Let me tell you, I’m a very secure person and I’m very satisfied with what I am. However, it discourages me every time, when someone shames me for my size and body, and what irks me the most is that they shame me “unintentionally” and mostly, “just for fun.”

So, let me tell you the fantasies of a fat girl and what we desire from other people. Today, I am sharing my biggest fantasy of all: Not being judged for my love and choice of food!

I eat less or I eat more, I’ll be judged for my food choices and the amount of it. While I understand the importance of balanced diet and nutritious food for a healthy being, why am I the only one who’s given a stern glare when I ask for a burger and French fries?

I have seen my friends stuffing the “thin” one with all the food and saying, ‘eat some more,’ ‘you should take another piece, you need it.’ And, I’m like sitting in the corner, doubtful of whether I should go with another piece or not. I may not “need” it but, I am hungry and I like it, too!

I have been judged so much for my food that there was a time when I had stopped eating with my friends or relatives. In front of them, I would just stick to salads, that too a very small portion, but I would stuff myself with anything and everything as soon as I was in my room. Still, I wasn’t spared the wrath of judgments.

“Are you on a diet?”

“Eating less wouldn’t make you thin. You’ll have to go an extra mile.”

and so many things were asked, said, and advised, for my “benefit.”

Even my boyfriend, who liked me the way I’m, wasn’t too keen to know whether I’m hungry or not. He must not be asking me thinking that I’m conscious about my diet or food, well because, girls of my size should be conscious! Now, I’m not the finicky gf who demands the over-the-top pampering, but it would be good to know that he cared about me being well-fed. Again, it made me shy to eat food or profess my love for food in front of him.

I have seen people, friends, family, and boyfriends, feeling happy and boasting about how the “lean” one can finish two pizzas or two dishes of chicken by herself. While they judged the “fat” one for the same and told her that this is the reason why she’s fat.

Just so you know “fat” girls do not eat just junk all the time like you all believe. I know many friends who are thin and their diet is mostly fried, oily, or fast food. I, on the other hand, eat more nutritious and lighter meals. I swear that my everyday diet includes green veggies, dal, curd, and chapatti. I mostly eat out only once or twice a month. Why are our food habits and choices always under scrutiny?

And, yet I’m the one who will be looked down not only by the fellow mates but even by the strangers in the queue behind me and the ones taking my order. Yes, that happens! A LOT!

We fantasize about things which we haven’t seen or experienced in our lives and hope with all our hearts that they come true. Can you imagine now, a plight of a fat girl who fantasizes about not being judged for something as basic as the need and love for food? Maybe, a food for thought for you!

P.S. This opinion piece in no way intends to delude the role of balanced and nutritious diet for a healthy life and we are not encouraging the consumption of junk food. It’s just an attempt to show the biased perception towards a thin and fat person’s choice of food.

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