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Minal Khatri

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Michelle Obama’s Speech At The ESPY Awards Will Refill You With Love And Purpose

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  •  July 14, 2017


In every speech, I have ever heard, never have I seen the former first lady, Michelle Obama, leaving her audience without filling them with kindness and love. 

On Wednesday, Michelle Obama took over the stage of the ESPY award ceremony. The huge audience welcomed her with a standing ovation. Obama was there to honor Eunice Kennedy Shriver with Arthur Ashe Award for Courage.

As the applause paused, Obama said, “I am here tonight to honor a remarkable woman. A woman who believed everyone has something to contribute and everyone deserves to push themselves to find out what they’re made of and to compete and win. She knew that when we give others a chance to fulfill our greatest potential, we all win.”

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who was born in 1921 in Brookline, Massachusetts, dedicated her life to championing the rights of people with mental disabilities. In her pursuit, she founded Special Olympics in 1968, which became a global movement to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities through the power of sports. She did so to embrace everyone and make these special people feel accepted and celebrated members of the society.

At the ESPY’s awards, Shriver’s award was accepted by Timothy Shriver, one of Shriver’s five children and Chairman of Special Olympics, on her behalf. Timothy Shriver said, “My mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was a visionary, but, more importantly, a revolutionary… Fueled by love and anger, she used sport to break down the barriers, she used fields of play to bring people together, and she opened the doors of inclusion and equality to the most marginalized on Earth. It is now up to all of us to follow the athletes of Special Olympics who can teach us all to accept and include each other.” 

In her speech to honor Shriver, Obama said, “Through her passionate service she made the world more welcoming.”

“Once a great first lady, still a great first lady,” as rightly commented by Shriver’s son on Twitter.

Watch the event here:

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