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Mexican Singer Patricia Navidad’s Kleenex Tissue Falls Out While Performing. See How She Handles Online Trolls.

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  •  July 18, 2015

What is a girl’s worst nightmare? Maybe, her sanitary pad falling down or it being visible.
Something like this happened to 42-year-old popular Mexican singer Patricia Navidad. While she was on the stage performing live, her Kleenex tissue fell out from under her dress.

But people thought it was a sanitary napkin and hence followed the online trolls insulting and thrashing her. However, we love how Patricia handled the situation. She took to Twitter to bring down all the hatred against her at once:

“They say a man who treats women as princesses has been raised by a queen, those who attack and offend, who educated you?;”



“What a pity that there are men here who forget that they are here because of a woman and they’re vulgar and offensive to women!!!”

“And if it was what they say, it’s not shameful or embarrassing, but then they judge and assault, they forget they are not what they say!”



“I’m not a boxer, I’m a warrior, and I never throw in the towel, unless I don’t need it anymore.”

You go girl.

Salute to her courage that she stayed unfazed and kept performing on the stage. And for people who are saying it was a publicity stunt, here what Patricia has to say, “In the first place, there is a big difference between Kleenex and a sanitary towel, which I moreover don’t use. It was the Kleenex that fell out. Never have I thrown in the towel nor will I ever do so.”

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