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MENTORING WALK SESSION: A Cup of Tea with Creative Self

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  •  March 29, 2014

Ever wondered what happened after the ‘Mentoring Walk’ that took place on March 8? It was surely not a one day affair! 

This Wednesday, Mentors and Mentees shared a creative cup of tea at Char-Cha session, organized by Arch Academy of Design. The monthly gathering of creative people at Arch, the March edition of Char-Cha invited women to share ‘a Creative Woman from within”.


As Mrs. Archana Surana, owner of Arch Academy of Design and a Flag Bearer of Mentoring Walk in Jaipur, puts it, “Why do you think we have met today? This meeting has a purpose, a purpose to check if we the Mentors are keeping up with our respective Mentees.”

The ‘Mentoring Walk’ has a mission to empower the seeking mentees who want to make it big in their career, and hence, it becomes important for mentors to keep a check on them and guide them whenever needed until the former are ready to become someone else’s mentor.

Mrs. Surana continues, “Today I want each one of you – the mentor and the mentee – to speak freely about what benefits you have received from the Walk on March 8. Also, share with us how your mentor-mentee relationship is going on.”

Many hands rose to speak & this proved how well the Women Mentors of Jaipur are taking care of their young mentees. (More on that in later half of the Article.)

To add a pinch of fun in the intellectual discussion, Mrs. Surana knew what could lighten up the ambiance. She suggested, “Attention everyone, I have a small game for all of us.”

And continued, “You can see a paper and pencil kept on your tables. I want you to write 3 qualities that you think you have. These qualities have to be something that might shock the people who know you.”

Interesting. Women sitting there exchanged a confused look. But then a few seconds later, we noticed them writing something on the paper. They themselves took a while to think what is that one hidden quality in them that the world is unaware of. Aren’t women always like this? Self-realization takes some time, slow, but for sure. So they started writing their 3 ‘shocking’ qualities. Few started by describing their inner personality.


Dr. Reena Thapar, a Dentist, stood up to speak about her qualities. She said, “I am practicing for so many years now but still I have a quality to keep on learning. I never think that I know everything.”

Sadhna, a Writer, who knows Reena personally, said, “My family has known her since years. Even being an expert, I have always seen her with a will of learning more. This is the best quality in her.”

Deepa Mathur said: “People don’t know this about me – I was just 19 & was in my 2nd year of graduation when I got married. I had to drop out my college to mother my son. But later, my determination led me to pursue MBA and courses in Computer Designing.”

Kanak Chugh, Image Consultant: “I am a workaholic mom. It’s been 12 years that I have established my brand while managing my family equally well. I call myself the power-woman.”


While others spoke about their hidden achievements and desires:

Rimmi, a Dental Surgeon, said: “I am good in painting landscapes. I want to perceive Archaeology and later research on Egyptian queen Nefertiti. I think she was more beautiful than the Cleopatra. She was a warrior and a true beauty. After reading about her, I feel as if I am a re-birth of Nefertiti! I was amazed to know she used eyeliner intensely to enhance her eye-beauty.”

Alka Batra, Owner of Aegis Jobs,: “People don’t know that I am a National Badminton player and my dream is to see myself among top 6 players by next year. After 35 years, I played for Rajasthan at this age when women think they are done with everything. Also, I don’t think people close to me know that I am a cleanliness freak.”

Sunita Mehra, the activist of ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’, golfer and a MNC professional: “Many people close to me don’t know that I am a certified Yoga Instructor.”


It feels so good seeing women, most of them have achieved the success, and still not giving up on their dreams. They are an inspiration since they don’t limit themselves and rather feel pride in learning a new thing every passing day.

Let us now introduce you to few mentors and mentees whom we met there. They were a part of the ‘Mentoring Walk’ and we asked them what exactly their relationship of Mentor-Mentee is after the walk event.

  1. Kanupriya Sachdeva (Mentor) & Kanak Chug (Mentee):

Kanak Chug, an Image Consultant: “I am the most fortunate to get Kanupriya as my mentor. She not only helped me in my career boost but was successful putting the confidence of a friend in me on the ‘Mentoring Walk’ day. I could, very freely, talk to her about my personal issues that included disclosing my Driving-phobia. She spoke to me many times after the walk and kept encouraging me to drive. No one has ever been this way with me like Kanupriya. Interestingly, she gave me an assignment to complete after I went back home from the walk event. Like a true mentor, she kept following me for the report of this assignment so that I don’t lag behind. Almost once in 3 days we speak about it and discuss my progress. I am happy to report that it is just because of a Mentor-cum-Friend Kanupriya that today I can drive without any fear. She is surely my driving force. I thank people behind the initiative of the ‘Mentoring Walk.”

Kanupriya Sachdeva, a Physics Teacher: “Oh, she has said everything about our assignment-report thing. I would use this opportunity to thank Kanak for being so kind and listening to me like a seeking mentee. She believed in me and that’s why she kept talking to me even after the walk event. Even I have learned a lot from her – like the spirit of challenging and not giving up. She could have never discussed the phobia with me, but she wanted to overcome it, she spoke to me. I am happy to find a new friend in her.”

2. Archana Jain (Mentor) talked about her Mentee Komal:

Archana Jain, a Dietician, said: “She (Komal) wanted to work from home and that was the best part I loved about her. Being from a young generation, she gave the priority value of being a homemaker while working – and hence, wanted to establish jewelry designing business from home. That inspired me. We are still in contact over telephone. She hasn’t come today because soon after the Mentoring Walk, she got married and shifted to another city. But that has never been a barrier between our new-found friendships. We regularly discuss things that bother us.”

3. Divita Agarwal (Mentee) talked about her Mentor Sumiti Mittal:

Divita, a housewife and a designing student at the Arch Academy of Design, said: “When I became a part of the Mentoring Walk, I was not sure where I was going to head. For now I have realized that all women are all just like me. They have been successful based on their capabilities and realized their potential, so can I. My mentor Sumiti has been great. She helped me guide ways to manage my biggest weakness – time management. I expect her to be with me like a guiding torch as I will be a seeking mentee always.”

Sumiti Mittal: “Though not professionally that we are connected, we share more of the friends’ relationship. She is one of the most happiest and joyful women I have ever met. I am learning from her to be happy each moment. One best thing about her is that she is too keen to learn. She is a student at Arch and this proves her seeking spirit. We both have young daughters and our husbands are businessmen, this is another thing that makes us discuss few common issues between us.”

Such energy. Such creativity. These women have a long way to go. Forming the bonds of friendship, they have a determination to prove themselves even if they have to join school again, manage 10 things at a time or fight the stereotypes of the society. After listening to all of them, we could think of Beyoncé Knowles’ song – ‘Who run the world? Girls!’.

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