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Minal Khatri

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Men Of This Village Serve The Property Ownership To Women On The namePLATE

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  •  March 17, 2017


I often think of moving out to a serene place, where there isn’t any pollution, greenery all around and people are amicable.

I am shifting to Anandwad village of Latur District in Maharashtra. The village has not seen any crime in last 15 years; people there have abandoned tobacco and alcohol consumption completely. The adult population of the village has even vowed to donate their organs.

Here is more to my decision to pack the bags. This village of 635 people has already named their houses after women and is under the process to transfer ownership of their fields and houses to the women.

After discussing it in the Gram Sabha, a majority of the villagers came in support of the revolutionary changes. Speaking to TOI,  Nyanoba Chame, a member of the Gram Sabha, said, “Like we bring the goddess Laxmi to our house every Diwali, we decided to honor our Laxmis (wives/daughters) by taking this decision. Women shouldn’t feel the need to be dependent on anyone since they run the home. Why shouldn’t they also own it? This will also help to get rid of the patriarchal mindset of people,”

Anandwadi is a true inspiration. And you know what, I have unpacked my bags because I can create such a space right here, right now. Are you with me?

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