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Komal Panwar

Blogger & Singer

Men Narrate Heart Wrenching Stories Of Sexually Assaulted Women

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  •  December 7, 2015


Here’s how an activist group shared women’s stories of sexual assault. It, however, is heart wrenching.

A Lithuanian organization called Moterys Kalba (Women Speak), made a video showing six men reading different stories of women who survived sexual assault. As per the description of the video, Moterys Kalba asked women to share their sexual assault stories on FB and received about 25 submissions. It is surprising to note that about 19 of those described situations where the assault occurred in a “domestic environment”.

While one woman was assaulted at a party, another was raped by her uncle. As these men narrate the stories, it is clear how disturbed they are. Watch the video below.

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