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Men Are Being Cat-Called In This Comic Strip! Watch!

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  •  July 29, 2015


Women being eve-teased, or cat-called, not a new thing, right? And what’s more, being asked to take it as a compliment rather than complaining about it, is also a common sight. As if unsolicited sexual attraction is every woman’s dream!

But what if there existed a parallel world where MEN were the ones who got teased. Would they respond the same way as we women do? Or would they take it as a compliment?

This pictorial strip by artist Tom Fonder depicts an insight into that parallel world…

Reaction to Catcallers

Now, many of us, and I include myself too, think that if practically a man was being cat-called by another man, the end result would have been an ugly brawl between the two. Hot-blooded men, you see!

But reading this strip made me think differently. No matter how strong or “masculine” you are, when your personal space is infringed upon in a sexually undesirable manner, it is sure to pinch your conscience and torment your heart.

So ladies, if someone tells you to not complain about cat-calling and take it as a compliment, ask them to trade places with you and show them this pictorial.

And dear men, this is food for thought for you.

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