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Meet The Youngest Entrepreneurs Of Jaipur

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  •  March 26, 2015


Arete is a 5 months old Fashion Accessory brand that is becoming one hot-spot for Jaipur women who love their style out-of-the-box. In just few months, the brand has become one of the most promising names in the city. Hold your seats when we tell you about the owners of Arete. They are Swasti Jain and Pallavi, 17 and 21 yr old respectively!

Pallavi and Swasti met through a common friend during an exhibition. After realizing they are crazy about fashion, jewelry in particular, they decided to introduce their own brand. Arete has a huge collection of costume jewelry and accessories like phone covers, contact lens cases, etc that they order online.

The beginning…

Swasti – It was difficult. I was a school-dropout and was exploring myself. I began with selling handmade bookmarks and chocolates. With family’s consent and support of known customers, I could rebuild my confidence. When I met Pallavi, I realized she has a similar mission and in a jiffy, we decided to work together.


Swasti Jain

Pallavi – It was a moment when we both decided to get started. With no experience in hands, we began our journey. We would surf internet all night long, while during the days we used to do the ground work.


Pallavi – We are aware of the fact that our city has many creative minds who deal in jewelry. But we kept only one thing in mind – to be unique. Starting from our designs in jewelry to our packaging, everything is exclusive. You may not find them elsewhere.



Swasti – We are young, and we did mistakes in the beginning. We trusted people (even friends) and disclosed about stores we were dealing with. That was learning.


Pallavi – The ever-evolving fashion sense of Jaipur.

1st Milestone…

Swasti – It was our 1st exhibition just 2 months after Arete’s establishment. We were untrained and started with a plain investment. We ended up with a profit of Rs. 65,000 in a single day!

Pallavi – Plus, the compliments and pats on our back!

Cat fights…

Swasti – I look up to her since she is 4 yrs elder to me. Every decision we take is based on mutual consent.

Pallavi – We don’t argue. We keep things easy and transparent whether it is finances, clients, customers, etc.


Swasti – To make our city one of the prime fashion hubs in India, just like Delhi and Mumbai. In sometime as we expand, we will definitely spread our wings in other cities. Recently we put up an exhibition in Agra.

Pallavi – Also, Arete looks forward to train other young women entrepreneurs of Jaipur. We like it when girls ask us about our venture, and how can they begin theirs.

Swasti – I am currently appearing for my 12th boards and later I will pursue Jewelry Designing. Pallavi is trained in jewelry manufacturing. Together we will be a great team.

Arete is…

Swasti – A place where I find style for every occasion.

Pallavi – It is quirky, stylish, fit for every age and personality.


These young girls are such an inspiration. At such a tender and drifting age when most of us are clueless about career prospects, these two have already set their feet on the ground to take their successful flight.

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