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Meet You Virtual Gardener – Greenopia

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  •  July 20, 2015


We understand the heart-ache you feel by leaving behind your plants while going on a vacation. You really can’t be sure if your maid or neighbors are watering them and taking their proper care. Seems like there is finally a solution. A new mobile app called ‘Greenopia‘ can be your gardener while you are not home to take care of your ‘green babies’. This app will not only water the plants when you are away, but also suggests – which plants grow well in which climate, the kind of materials required to grow them, the right amount of water to be put in each plant, etc. This app comes with smart pots fitted with sensors too! These pots can detect basic plant parameters like the soil’s moisture content, its composition and the plant’s exposure to sunlight.

Whoa! This is genius.

Kudos to 4 students from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, who have designed this app. One of the co-founders said in the interview with TOI, “All of us are from small towns where we are used to having gardens, and we miss our plants. The idea is to get more urban professionals to grow something on their own; the app will help people make the right decision. People living in cities invest time tending to their plants but often lose interest after trial and error.”

We hope that their noble invention will be appreciated more and gets to contribute towards making our environment healthier and more beautiful.

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