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Meet Vagina Blanket – Your New Period Friend

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  •  September 25, 2015


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘Vagina blankets’?

I know I’ve ushered odd reactions and raised eyebrows, out of which, some even go so far as to mention that I’ve gone mad. But allow me to attest to my sanity and tell you about Vagina blankets, commonly known as Cloth Sanitary Pads (CSPs) which are made through absorbent fabrics such as cotton and bamboo.

Back in the medieval times, before today’s common pads and tampons came into being, women resorted to cloth and similar substances for their monthly menstrual calls. Apparently and unknowingly, there were treating their body and ‘the’ body-part well in those dreary days of the month.

As much as we may favor the hygiene and whiteness of the synthetic sanitary napkins, there is nothing denying the sticky sweaty eerie feeling that these disposables emanate. Especially in the summer months, these clinging pads become nothing short of a hassle.

These are few among the many reasons of why CSPs are regaining impetus.

“They were far more comfortable than I expected, like fluffy vagina blankets. They had none of the nasty, sweaty, crunchy plastic feel of disposables,” said Suzy Billinghurst, 35, a cloth devotee who switched after years of yeast infections and horribly painful periods.

Also, the fact that the cloth pads are reusable is a brownie point for the pockets! And of course there is the fact that these pads are environment friendly as compared to the synthetic ones. As per a study in the US, it has been found that a range of dioxins and carcinogens are present in tampons.

Lyssie Page, 28, another cloth fan, says: ‘I find the smells and sweatiness always associated with periods are actually down to the products. Cloth is much more comfortable and cool, even in hot weather.”

And for those who think that washing and reusing your menstrual-blood-stained pad is gross, well, it isn’t really that bad given the positive aspects of it. You can always rinse them and even sterilize them as per your own cleanliness standards.

Here are some guidelines to bear in mind when you use these CSPs:

  1. Shop around. CSPs come in a range of sizes, colours and designs, from thin pantyliners to thick night-time and maternity pads. You can’t return used CSP but if you buy pads that don’t suit, consider selling them on – after laundering.
  2. Wash your pads before use – some, especially those made of cotton or bamboo, become more absorbent the more they are cleaned.
  3. Keep used pads in a bag or box if you can’t rinse them straight away. Most CSP retailers sell pretty and practical ones – but a plastic bag or box will do. Just don’t put it back in the bathroom cupboard immediately afterwards.
  4. Rinse after use in cold water. Hot water helps bloodstains ‘set’ and become impossible to budge. Run the pad under the cold tap or soak to remove stains. You can use a stain remover if you feel you need to. Then just pop them in the wash.
  5. Wear relatively close-fitting knickers. As tempting as big baggy period pants may be, CSPs can move around more than disposables. Choosing pads with poppers helps, as does wearing knickers with a good amount of stretch.

If you wish to purchase these, find them here.

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