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Meet The Nomad Travel Couple Su &Titu, For Whom Home Is Wherever They Are Together

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  •  January 25, 2019

Writer Mark Twain once said that there is no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. For travel couple Suhasini Subramanian (Su) and Thirthankar Chakraborty (Titu), this couldn’t be truer. They met during hiking and instantly hit it off, travelled while dating and fell more in love, got married and have been travelling since then. 

The 29-year-olds have been married for five years now and after years of travelling they thought of documenting their beautiful experiences. For the same, they opened their Instagram page Su & Titu about seven months ago.

Su and Titu’s Insta bio reads “tales of 2 Supertramps” and why do they call themselves that? “We’re nomads. We pack our bags and embark on the journey of exploring a place. Tents and sleeping bags are our companions,” Su explains to us.

Su & Titu

The travel couple met each other in the UK, where they went to pursue their post-graduation. Studying in the same university, they were neighbours sharing the same accommodation colony but destiny had them meet during a hike. Since then, there has been no stopping the two. Hand-in-hand, they are slowly ticking off places from their list.

For them, home is where they are together. And, currently, India is their home. They came here in March and have been inhaling the beauty of the Himalayas as they live in Dalhousie.

Su & Titu

But travelling is not what they do for a living. Su is a freelance finance consultant and Titu is an English professor. However, she feels that money as a hindrance for travelling is a myth. She says, It’s a misconception that you need money to travel. You do a little, of course, but what you need more is courage, a good plan, research, and passion.”

Su & Titu

The craziest places that they have discovered together? She says it’s Kugti Pass in Chamba district of Himachal, India. “It’s spectacular. We feel it’s the Switzerland of India.” The other one is Svalbard in Norway. It’s a place where want to keep going back to. It’s closest to North pole and there are more polar bears than people,” says Su.

In fact, Norway is the favourite travel destination of the couple. For the camp lovers they are, they love the fact that they can pitch a tent anywhere in the country, as long as it’s 50 feet away from a house.

She shared one of the beautiful memories from the Kingdom of Norway, which was to see the Northern lights. “We went there during October and we were expecting for the lights to show up. Both of us have been fascinated about it since childhood. And, when it did, we couldn’t believe it. We were so happy that tears rolled down our eyes. It was unreal, magical, and a dream come true.” Also, a moment where they shared one of the most memorable kisses. Awww!

Su & Titu

Su & Titu

The couple who lives to travel has a suggestion for newlyweds. “Any city you go to, explore places beyond the touristy ones. If you’re in Greece, explore more islands and don’t be stuck to Santorini. South of Portugal has beautiful places, explore them,” suggests Su.

Before we wrapped up, we asked her to give us some smart travel tips. Here they are:

  • Always, always plan in advance, if you can. This way you get the best deals on everything from flights to hotels.
  • Make use of the travel website Skyscanner the most. It has plenty of options for cheap flights, destinations according to preferences, and so much more.
  • Last would be to explore as much as you can. Don’t blindly follow travel articles. Random discoveries on your own are the best.

Su & Titu

This article was first published on June 16, 2018.

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