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Meet The IIM Graduate Who Left Her Corporate Job To Join Her Father In His Farming Business

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  •  July 2, 2018

Can you fathom finishing an MBA from a reputed school, getting into a well paying corporate job and then giving it all up for farming? IIM Kolkata graduate, Ankita Kumawat is someone who did just that. Ankita left her coveted job as an assistant manager, to join her father in his dairy and farming business.

Ankita’s father Phoolchand Kumawat, belonged to a farming background and was passionate about the same. He, however, did what all the young boys from villages aspire to do – he finished his B. Tech and took up a government job in the PWD department.

However, it was Ankita’s severe illness which brought him back to his roots. At the age of three, Ankita was diagnosed with jaundice. The doctors told Phoolchand that the only way to ensure her good health was through feeding her unadulterated and chemical free food and milk.

After a few failed attempts of incurring pure food from the market, Phoolchand decided to purchase a cow. “I bought a cow almost 25 years ago for Rs. 3,500. The only intention was to feed my family, especially my ailing daughter, unadulterated milk and milk products,” he shared in an interaction with The Better India.

Once witnessing considerable improvement in Ankita’s health after consuming cow’s milk, her father realised that there still was scope to make their food healthier. He for a fact knew that even the vegetables and lentils being consumed by them weren’t exactly unadulterated. He had all the intentions of growing them on his own but his job didn’t allow him to pursue that.

In the meantime, the cow’s family kept multiplying and there came a time when they had enough milk to sell. Around the same time, Phoolchand’s daughters finished their education and this gave him the liberty to take a voluntary retirement in 2009. He utilized the money that he received after his VRS in buying a land in Ajmer, where he started growing grains and vegetables.

Ankita started soaring high in her career after finishing her MBA from IIM Kolkata. Her job was taking her places, but she underwent a change of heart in 2014 and left her lucrative job to join her father in farming.

Ankita shared, “We have been brought up in a middle-class family and like every other middle-class kid, even we were always job-oriented and never thought of farming or any other business. But I sensed how passionate my father was about this. He was keeping unwell and as the eldest child, I decided to stand by him.”

However, she didn’t let her education go wasted and applied all that she learned in their business. She introduced a lot of new and modern techniques to their farm. She also went for a course in mushroom farming from Himachal Pradesh.

The co-owner of Maatratav Dairy and Organic Farm today, Ankita has a lot of ideas still brewing in her head. Establishing a vermicompost plant is one of them.

Ankita has transformed farming through her professional expertise. Their entire farm is drip-irrigated today, functions on solar energy, and rainwater harvesting is also done.

She thinks of her farming as a sound amalgamation of modern and traditional techniques. She also believes that all that she learned at IIM, came in handy for her business.

“In a corporate job you have a fixed salary, you have fixed working time. Here you don’t have both these benefits but the biggest benefit in farming over a white collar job is that you are living a healthy life and leaving a sustainable world for your coming generations,” says Ankita.

H/T: The Better India 

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