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Meet Sky, Who Is Ripping The Skies With Her Skate Board

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  •  October 31, 2015


We see very few women in action sports. The little girl we’re talking about in the blog is all set to add some weight to this number-game.

Meet the 7-year-old Sky who can ‘do a tre to rock on that quarter pipe’. No that’s not a slang, oldie. Quater-pipe is the ramp used in extreme sports that resembles a quarter of the cross section of a pipe. It is most commonly found in skateparks. Duh.

Now waste no time to check out this little-head performing #LikeABoss:

Sky, 7 years old and her head in the clouds…Big Shoutout and Thankyou to Cindy “Rockstar” Whitehead from GNL4W. Not…

Posted by Stu Braun on Saturday, September 12, 2015

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