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Meet Pushpa NM Who Has Written Over 700 Exams For People With Disabilities

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  •  March 15, 2019

Despite coping with her own struggles in finishing her education, Pushpa NM has been instrumental in helping more than 700 people completing theirs. For over 11 years she has been juggling between her job at an IT Firm and writing exams for people with disabilities.

Pushpa NM

“I write between 50-60 exams every year, which is on an average, one every week,” shared Pushpa, who began her journey as a scribe in 2007 when she was asked by a friend who runs an NGO to write exams for a visually challenged student.

“I have grown up in difficult times and come from an impoverished background. Money has always been secondary for us. It was the satisfaction of doing something nice for a person and watching them smile that makes us happy. Living near an NGO that works for visually impaired people means I meet them quite often—sometimes in shops, or while crossing roads. I always try to help them, and working as a scribe is just another step towards this,” she told Better India.

Coming from a poor family, Pushpa struggled to complete her education. Recalling an incident from her school days, she shared, “I was asked to leave the exam hall since my parents could not afford to pay the school fees. Thankfully, our neighbour helped me out. Years later, I faced a financial crisis while pursuing my Pre-University Course (PUC), and a polio-affected person came to my aid.”

Although Pushpa has been very grateful to all those who helped her in her difficult times, she believes that it is her moral responsibility to pay back to society. For her voluntary work, she received the Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2018 for her contribution in helping the visually impaired and others with disabilities by writing their exams.

No matter how many exams Pushpa has written so far, each exam remains as important to her as the last one. Explaining how she has been helping the students all these years, she said, “Each exam is equally special to me, and I make it a point to form a rapport with the student before the exam begins. The exams last for about 3-3.5 hours. When I was employed, I used to take the day off or change my shift to appear for the exams. I would compensate for my lost hours, and my company would always cooperate.”

“What I write decides their results and their future. Hence I am alert and conscious when I scribe exams. I stay calm even as the candidate gets tense at the exam hall. You need to be very patient while writing the exams and also need to coordinate very well with the student, so that they don’t miss out on their valuable time. Your confidence in the way you write and listen to them can help them.”

“I feel delighted when I write exams for these students, and they score good marks. I don’t remember if I ever felt this happy after writing my own exams,” she added.

H/T: The Better India

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