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Khushboo Sharma

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Meet Indrawati, The Post ‘Man’ Who Thinks It’s Time The Title Becomes ‘Postperson’

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  •  April 13, 2018

“I joined as a post ‘man’ and will retire as one,” says Indrawati. Confused? Well, Indrawati is a woman who has stood her ground for over 3.5 decades in a job that despite keeping her proud of her position has failed to provide her with an appropriate title.

Sixty-year-old Indrawati started her job as a post’man’ in 1982. Hailing from a village where it wasn’t a norm to educate girls, schooling came to her as a stroke of luck. But it came to her after a big setback.

“It was my mother’s untimely death that led to me joining a school. Maybe the others in the house just wanted us out. Whatever it was, it worked in my favour. Even applying for the job happened by chance and I am so glad that it worked,” Indrawati recalls.

“On September 13, 1982, when I took up the job I wasn’t thinking about breaking any glass ceiling or making a mark. It was a matter of getting a job that paid for our living,” she shares.

Indrawati was one of the only two women who got a job in the post office back then. “Times were very different when I joined. Besides being a woman, I was also the first one in my family to bag a government job. There was a lot of pride attached to that,” boasts Indrawati.

Talking about a typical day at work, she says, “My day at work begins at 9.00 a.m. I start by sorting out the mail – there is a method by which this is done. We follow a route similar to what buses follow. Once done with the sorting, we carry the letters and leave for the day.”

Indrawati is a mother of two and also has four grandchildren. One of her daughters-in-law had only studied till class 12 when she came to her house. Indrawati made it a point to provide her with further education.

“In the beginning, people would look with amazement. However, with time there has been immense respect that I have been given. There was one instance when a drunk boy misbehaved with me. But even he, the next day when he returned to his senses, came and apologised to me,” she says about her journey as a post ‘man’. Indrawati is scheduled to be retired in 20 days.

Speaking about her job title, she says, “Perhaps it is time we start calling ourselves ‘Postperson’. Let’s move towards achieving gender equality and neutrality here as well.”

“Have confidence in yourself and walk with your head held high always,” is the motto that she lives by and also her advice to everyone out there.

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