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Meet Akansha Singh Whose Entrepreneurial Idea Brings Electricity To Remote Areas Of India

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  •  March 8, 2019


Today, Swayambhu Innovative Systems is providing electricity to the remote areas in India, converting bio-degradable waste into bio-energy and ensuring that the rural communities in these areas are not living in darkness. The company was founded by Akansha Singh, working in the villages of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar, who realized villagers are unable to do anything after sundown and decided to help them.

With the idea of using waste as a source of renewable energy, she decided to convert 95% of the bio-degradable produce by rural communities into bio-energy, thus providing electricity to people and also reducing the use of non-renewable and traditional means of fuel.

In this system, a community is linked to a Community Biogas Plant(CBP) that uses the bio-degradable waste to make biogas, which produces electricity and other by-products like organic manure and bio-pesticide.

As of now, a plant of 150m3 capacity is being constructed by Singh’s firm for the Ganga basin area of Bihar. With the ability to produce electricity of 100 KW per day, it is expected that it will aid 100 farmers in irrigating at least 200 acres of land.


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